Wanna be an armoured engineer!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by BornSlippy, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Hey ppl im new to the site, god these forums crack me up! :lol:

    Basically i want to know what grades you went into the RE with; i got 2 C's in Science and 1 in English amongst business studies, geography etc where i got f's and d's :( . So the only grade im lacking to qualify for alot of the jobs in the RE is math where i got a crappy F. What grades did you fella's go in with and how strict are they with meeting the qualifications asked for, i also got a pass in GNVQ ICT. How do you rekon my chances are!

    Cheers for any help!
  2. to be honest although you do need those gcse's to get in, i dnt think they are absolutley essential, it depends wat trade you go 4, i know of a lad tht was in my troop at Gib barracks and he didn't have the right quals but he got in, he was goin armoured aswell, so if ur lucky u shud be ok!!
  3. Can you drive a tractor ?
  4. Yes i can actually! :p
  5. wanna to be an armoured engr.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. You need a minimum of D's in Maths,English and a Science/Craft & Design for Armoured Engr. Shading requests are possible through your ACIO/AFCO, who will apply to the RE SPSO for a decision. (by the way Cpt Ja*k Fr*st has just taken over the job)

    Trades in RE's that req no grades are C3s & Dvr (RE)

    Hope that helps
  7. Cheers for the input, im so hoping that F doesn't hold me back! If it does it looks like joining the infantry is all i've got going for me, not that that's a bad thing but you dont come out with as good a trade right?

    Well army it is for me whatever happens, im sick to death of college and sugercoated civvy life! :evil:
  8. I dont know.
  9. Do it mate Armoured is the way forward,we have new vehicles that have/are just coming into service.
    Dont listen to those mud muppets Armd is cool.
    At the end of the day we can still do their job...can they do ours??? NO!!!
    Do it bud!
  10. Knockers!!! Na
  11. To be an armoured Engineer it helps massively if you A) have an H license and B) Own some sort of armoured tracked vehicle.
  12. Do you own a great coat or some other form of pre 1950's militairy equipment?

    Do you like the smell of diesel?

    Have you got dermatitis that looks like deep tissue burns?

    Do you have an aversion to gettin your shaggin 'ands on?

    Do you like your coffee with Baileys not milk?

    Are you on first name terms with most of your REME LAD?

    Do you like the feel of "commanders manfat" on the back of your neck?

    Answer yes to more than one of the above and you are a sexual deviant

    I mean armoured engineer

    oh... same difference

  13. That wouldve been funny if it had come from Knocker..

  14. There's Nightrained for you. :twisted:
  15. I can tick a few of those :D