Wanna be a druggie? Get a job!

Great, the government have come up with another cunning plan to try to make us think they are fit to govern us in time for the next election.

Unemployed Londoners will be the first in the country to face drug tests under government plans to get people off benefits and back to work.


We all know what will happen, the jobless will scream 'human rights' and the poor civil servants working in the Job Centres will back down for fear of being sued.
You're not saying that this is another government idea that hasn't been thought out are you Jarrod?

Wash your mouth out with soap and water, perish the thought.
"Jobseekers will be expected to declare whether they have a drug issue when they are interviewed.
Anyone who does not declare a problem and is suspected of misusing drugs will be asked to have an assessment.
If they refuse, their benefits could be withdrawn for up to 26 weeks. "

Immediate consequence increase in shoplifting, increase in DSS "Emergency loans" for the drug users to feed their children (just imagine the headlines of "junkie's child forced to starve by State!"

What a load of unthought out bo**ocks!
the thing that really kills is rehab one chance state funded unfortunatly all the research proves it may take 3 or 4 attempts before it sticks
Thanks I was just curious. The thought I had was the selling of prescription H, but I just wondered If the head on approach had been looked at.

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