Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Chibber, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. Not been lucky with the girls. Got advice from the dogging thread- thanks guys.

    I think the most reliable solution is to improve my wanking technique. Any suggestions?
  2. try doing it to yourself, not on tramps.
  3. One technique where you strangle yourself so it apparently increases the sensation when you blow your load.

    They need to teach the technique better in Bridgend though!!! :twisted:
  4. good if your just hanging around,

  5. Isn't Wan King some place in China?
  6. Get a Dyson Vac - the one with the super duper no blowbak side nozzle. Smear bell end with suitable lubricant. "St Ives Whipped Silk, Intense Body Lotion 420ml" springs to mind. Detach the super duper no blowbak side nozzle and slide over widgie. Turn power on & off intermittently, sit back and enjoy.

    A mate I know told me about this - I'm just passing it on you understand... Right ??
  7. Ummmm ....... right. il stick to me good old henry....... [​IMG]
  8. But Henry's GAY

    My mate said the Dyson is straight as a narrow.

    Or was it Hard as a Marrow.

    Shee it, too many wobbly pops. :cry:
  9. Henry has such a cute smile though.
  10. If you want a smilie, click on the left link when replying,

    otherwise test out the super duper dyson.

    Henry's are arrse fodder.

    Parrently. :p
  11. Neither are much use to me apart from in their original capacity as a cleaning device. Or maybe that wasn't their original capacity and they were always meant to be a gentleman's companion :twisted:
  12. Quote "Henry has such a cute smile though"

    But you would essentially be f*cking him up the nose though!
  13. I wouldn't be f*cking him at all. Suction might be good for you guys but for me it would be above and beyond the call of duty for a hoover :wink:
  14. I remember when I was a nig and some old sweat was telling us about using the old plastic covered mattress.

    Fold it in half, lube up then go at it doggy style!

    Apparently works better when there is a porn mag on the top!
  15. Use your left hand init!

    Talking of hoovers there is a nurse in my unit who had to deal with a chap who "injured" himself with a dyson hahahaha