Wanking over Mrs Doyle (father Ted)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fairycakes, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Rather more flattering pic
  2. Seen it the other night, the aerial shot of her after her narcoleptic episode when Frank had finished gave me a bit of wood...
  3. It tells me I need to sign in and get a pin to see it.Is it worth it?
  4. Oh yes....
  5. Never had to sign in myself. Is it worth it NO you can not get the image out of your head.
  6. NSFW thanks I wanted more women dressed liked Mrs Doyle :eek:
  7. Yeah but without the moles and the speccy magoos she just aint the same.
  8. I will never watch Father Ted again in the same light. Mrs Doyle getting nailed from behind....shocking!
  9. The bit that made me laugh was Frank at the Narcoleptic meeting, getting caught by her when trying to nick her zonked out mate's pocket book or whatever. She fcuks him off, ripping him a new one for trying to rob her best friend, an old, half blind, forgetful narcoleptic woman. Frank mumbles that it would have been the perfect crime....."Even if she'd have woken up and managed to see me, she wouldn't have remembered." Or something close. 'Shameless' never fails to entertain..brilliant.
  10. You will,you will,you will-go on,go on,go on,go on :slow:
  11. I would but that’s no real recommendation.
  12. i'm glad it wasn't just me ;-0