Wanking for Beginners

As a disciple of self love I often retreat to the masturbatorium for one on one onanistic pleasures. Anyone got some new techniques to try?

Left handed, kneeling on the edge of the bog with a toilet roll tube, brillo pads? Open to all ideas
getting out more?
Good thread this for a saturday morning in the shires. I was asked by a shrink once which I enjoyed most, shagging, w*nking or wet dreams. Wet dreams I replied with relish, Oh, said the shrink, perking up a bit, why is that. Well, I said, you get to meet a better class of person.
Bit of lubrication might help, (ie) with Algipan or Deep Heat.

bang your balls on a cold sink just as your on the final strokes, bloke I knew swears by it. (the same bloke had most of his bathroom mirror tiled to "observe" himself, maybe that would help as well)
cuchulain said:
Wedge two bits of raw liver in the gap of the radiator and biff away at that. I knew a Para who rated it very highly.
Or if your fantasizing and tugging off with the thought of someone over 40 - cook the liver first and smear tuna oil over it.

BT. :thumright:
the_matelot said:
Toilet roll insert and swarfega.
Tuf`n`ega is more hardcore, got the beads for abrasion in it
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