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Discussion in 'REME' started by HE117, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. Gents..

    An aquaintence of mine has aquired one of those gensets that used to power Cymbaline - the one with the Wankel engine.. We spent last night extracting it from it's green box, and apart from some external corrosion, the beast seems in OK condition.

    The current plot is to use it as the basis of a working model Deltic Locomotive engine.. OK it's not a Deltic, but it's the right shape and should sound sufficiently different..

    The only problem is trying to make sense of the mass of wires etc..

    Anyone any pointers to a schematic and/or manuals?
  2. The Mazda RX8 has a Wankel engine, would a Haynes manual give you any pointers? Or will they be completely different beasts? I honestly have no clue when it comes to engines!
  3. It's a Norton engine isn't it?
  4. I think Norton made them under licence, the original designers were Fichtel and Sachs and the engine model was a KM48, I believe.
  5. Shouldn't be that many wires, surely? Just plugs and ignition system and possibly oil/temp sensors?
  6. We havn't found a makers name yet on the engine.. don't think it's a Mazda - it's only the size of a wastepaper basket..!

    Yea, maybe "mass of wires" is a bit of an overstatement, however the thing has an electronic EMS, and it would be useful to find out what it is, before we go poking about too much..
  7. Thanks Mate..

    That's the badger! - Strike another one up to the power of Arrse!
  8. Jokes apart, isn't Wankell a small town on the German Holland border?
  9. That's Wankum, last stop for using fuel vouchers on the way back to blighty
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  10. Knew I'd get an answer from someone..
    Used to be a good Schnelly there as well.
  11. Try the Norton Owners' Club, if that doesn't get results.
    It doesn't sound like it had a very long life expectancy.
  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Have you ever considered marriage to an older man? An occasional update would be fab if you can be arsed. On the Deltic. Not the proposal.

    Sounds like the Wankel Owners lot will be the ticket but if you are stuck on the leccy bit, this lot of anoraks are dead helpful. I restore pre-1930's engines and have had a guy drive 50 miles to help out in exchange for a beer and some sandwiches. They like a challenge that runs above "Why wont my Lister D1 start?"

    UK Stationary Engine Forum - Powered by Enthusiasts

    Heres a couple more.

    Stationary Engine Forum


    Another good resource is to write to Stationary Engine mag with a pic and a question. Some of the proper old anoraks dont do the internet but they all read the mag.

    KELSEY Magazines

    Finally, if you are near Manchester or in the SE there are engine museums staffed by expert enthusiasts who are always helpful.
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  13. I have an RX8 and that's about as big as the engine actually is.;-)
  14. The NSU RO80 from the seventies had the Wankel engine -- could it be the same unit that was used in this application?