Wandsworth nick gets it right

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FORMER_FYRDMAN, Aug 10, 2011.

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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Wandsworth Jail Inspection Report Heavily Critical Of Treatment Of Inmates | UK News | Sky News

    This little piece raised my morale. There is apparently a small corner of the penal system which is still tough on criminals, albeit by accident. Despite the good work going on at Wandsworth, I still that feel the Governor should be forced to explain why every cell doesn't have a noose and a 'How To' guide (in pictures and in braille of course, to make it accessible to all).
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  2. I think one of our less frequent posters might have some input on that...
  3. Sounds like a model prison to me! Or is that a prison that others should be modelled on! I don't see why the guards\staff should be pleasent to scum, they should constantly remind the scum why they have been sent to prison. The touchy feely experiment is failing, time for some harsh treatment I think.
  4. When I joined up the platoon sergeant wasn't nice to me and I'd done bugger-all wrong. These outlaws (for that's what they are) deserve whatever's coming to them in nick and if it's big Elmer playing with Mr Happy, just smile and let him rim your bum. It'll be all over (the place) in seconds few - then Harvey will be next in the queue.
  5. Ahhhh,Wandsworth, I never worked there but while serving at Brixton I was in and out on an almost daily basis doing escorts , transfers and Crown Court duties. It was called
    "The Hate Factory " and I've seen the hardest Cat A armed robber turn grey when the
    penny dropped and he realised where he was headed to do his bird. We had to drag them out of the transport leaving finger nail scrapes along the paintwork. When the inspectorate get their knickers in a twist it is a fair bet that the staff and Governor have got it right.
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  6. I hate SCUM, me.
  7. I thought it was a good movie for it's time!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I've yet to meet an inspection team that didn't believe everything that the cons wrote on the questionaire they're given to fill in.
  9. Is this the same prison where the staff moved the 'troublesome' prisoners out for the inspection and had a reciprocal agreement with other prisons in the area, caught the backend of the report on 5live, the scam only came to light when an unannounced inspection happened............cheeky
  10. Yes, with Pentonville.
  11. Go in bad, fester resentfully in their cells, come out worse.

    Wandsworth is not the way ahead.
  12. Trouble makers are always moved around to give each establishment a break and to prevent prisoners getting too settled.
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  13. Courts punish, prison reforms. Revenge is for some other place.
  14. Agree 100%. Wandsworth is no where near harsh enough.

    Ideally, all HMP's would be so brutal that the few who survived would be so terrified of going back they would commit suicide rather than commit another crime. I don't want the scum rehabilitated - I want them broken. I want them to wake up screaming in the night when their dreams take them back to HMP. I want them to break into a cold sweat every time they see a police officer.

    No more Mr Nice Guy. We tried it the liberal, "civilized" way and the result is millions of pounds worth of damage, over a hundred police officers injured in the line of duty, lives and homes destroyed, innocent people killed and international humiliation.

    Time to draw the line. Zero ******* tolerance: break the Law, and the Law will break you.
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  15. Courts only mete out the sentence, they do not punish. Prisons do not reform or we wouldn't have such a high return rate.
    Revenge is a dish best served cold!!! ;-)