Entertaining and depressing reading here, keep up the good work!

Hopefully someone wants to help me out with a little project. Plus oppo to plug ARRSE

I am a (very) amateur historian writing a non-fiction book about special forces frogmen. One of my interviewees has asked if I can include a short postscript about the walts problem as it's a big deal to many in the community. I don't want it to solely have SEALs examples as the book covers many nations. So I need decent examples of SBS walts.

I can/will do internet research, and am in contact with relevant people in SBSA, but this place is where the experts are. So if someone knows their way around the landscape and wants to give me the low down, please PM me. Would be very much appreciated.

Happy to chat and laugh here but best for any serious discussions by PM as obviously it's an unpublished book so not keen to say too much. Serious project, not looking to waste anyone's time.

Who is taking this one?
Sorry, shipmate, I am still reeling from the 'Face the facts' thread to discover the Jesus did not write the Bible. Any more discoveries made by an investigative journo getting my confidence via PM would break me.


I kinda meant as a recurring phenomena; thought it might make some booties laugh somewhere. More a joke than a serious contribution.
well that wasn't much of a ribbing.

Maybe there just aren't any SBS walts out there? Google doesn't pick up much either, except Watermittyhunt.com
I met an SBS walt once.

I was on a sailex from JSATSC Gosport and we had harboured at Poole. We got talking to an ex SBS bloke who was skippering a yacht for a bussinessman. We went out with him to some shitty club upstairs on the harbour front but as he didn't go out in a frock and flippers I reckon he was a walt.

He had the best tour tache I've ever seen though.

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Perhaps they have fewer Walt's because they manage to maintain a lower profile. Until slimy money-grubbing idiots start threads like this.

Fuck off you opportunist wanker.

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