Waltyness overload

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Phil_McRakkin, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. I tried to find the Walt thread again, but didn't manage to so i thought you'd all like to have a look at the "eejits".

    Yet another "attempt" by this lot to walt it up. Yes this is the same lot that were "on ops" with the opposition shouting "dirka dirka"


    Other than the waltyness, factual inaccuracies.....?

    Targets to your front, go on..........
  2. They are playing not walting. There is a difference, you know.
  3. I was disappointed that Stone's Amusement Arcade and the Novelty Rock Emporium weren't on the map. :roll:
  4. Well they look they're enjoying themselves. I for one can't be arsed to flame inadequate people on aother website, as we now have duffdike
  5. FFS It's like watching The Devil's Own mixed in with The Keystone RUC . How the fcuk can adults do stuff like that , film it , put it on the web and don't mind being recognised ?
  6. They're in shirt sleeve order,so it's not a cold winters night

    So relax no one will get shot :D
  7. If they choose to give their paintballing expolits a military theme who are we to stop them? Next we'll be slating girlies for dressing up as policewomen on hen nights.
  8. No not shot but somebody could get a nasty bruise. :wink:

    Edited to add: At Least THEY seem to have enough ammo.
  9. I fast forwarded past the briefing and ended up at the bit where the fat knacker -- sorry --- the ATO removes the bomb from the car with "5 minutes left on the timer".

    Can someone tell me how it ends - it was just too tense to continue watching....
  10. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    As long as they do the undressing part as well!
  11. Are you sure that's not a scottish OTC?
  12. The hen night girlies or the airsofters? 8O
  13. How many times does the "ATO" say "Kellymurphy" in his briefing FFS?
  14. I hope no Channel 4 producer sees this.