Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pielover, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. Have you been abducted by aliens MDN? You're being all grown up and sensible all of a sudden, you need to be careful matey, before you know it you'll have given up skiffing yerself and you'll be boycotting mong baiting!
  2. My Bold.
    You must be referring to me as I'm a former crab...
    Although Dad was a Gunner and my Nephew was a Bootie, so I have some good reasons to support 'Brown jobs'.
    Yes you're probably right, although I did say I thought their vehicle restorations were great. Even wearing uniforms when on their vehicles at shows and such is 'reasonably' acceptable, it's just the wearing of medal ribbons and badges which grates a bit. Is this where walting begins?
    I guess they're harmless enough. Not really walts in this case.
    And I agree about posting the ARRSE domain name. Naughty. Understood.
  3. Good skills MDN.

    People should stick to 'outing' the real walts on this website; those that claim military service and official medals that they are not entitled too; those who turn up to every veterens event with a hundred stolen stories and identities.

    IMH(umble)O, there are too many on this site willing to vilify people for the wrong reasons, not only naming and shaming but posting pictures of veterens to cause embarassment.

    Airsofters and paintballers are just pursuing a hobby that involves them getting out into wide open spaces and doing something different with their spare time rather than hanging around outside McD's wearing hoodies and and engaging in anti social behaviour. Nobody stops to ask why they do their hobby ... many have a real interest in things military but are prevented from joining up through family comittments, career or even medical reasons.

    Re-enactors are fairly innocent (excepting some sinister nazi groups) military enthusiasts who, at shows, present living history. IMHO they do not detract from the military but, rather, they encourage an interest in it.

    Veterens who parade wearing 'bought' (bling to some) medals and wear berets are also vilified. Why, they do not claim to be anything that they are not? If they wear a D Day medal, National Service medal or Cold War medal they are only showing pride in what they did for their country, not claiming to be a hero or service that they did not do. I parade with BLESMA every Remembrance Day and there is a WW2 vet who parades in his wheelchair with a fine rack of official gongs under which he wears a rack of bought gongs showing theatres served in. You could berate him all you wanted; but he won't fight back ... quite hard with both legs and most fingers missing!

    Last year, on the 'Walt' thread on this site, I had the audacity to speak up in favour of veterens who wear commemorative medals and was instantly labelled a 'waltin cnut' with no moral fibre; I received pm's telling me what a coward I was. After these personal attacks on my character I was tempted to ditch ARRSE out of 'my favourites' and never return to the site. But, as there are so many right thinking people on here, I never did.

    Sits back, dons tin hat and awaits the inevitable ...
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm afraid you are behind the times, and totally at odds with gobment opinion on this one (yes, we have the law on our side!).

    The gobment is currently going through the process of banning ANYTHING that looks like it may, even remotely, look like it has an aggressive purpose. This includes such delights as Airsoft weapons, blank firing weapons, replicas, antique firearms, obsolete calibre firearms, koshes, knives, swords, dusters, pyrotechnics, fireworks nights, remembrance parades, re-enactments, suits of armour, padded gloves, chaffing socks and small furry animals.

    It's all very well jumping on MDN's belated bandwagon of disgust and fury, but it's too late; too late to hug an airsofter - their time has come.
  5. As far as I'm concerned, overweight cocks mincing about country fairs in desert DPM and SAS berets are no different to the bluffing cnuts who pitch up at parades - regardless of whether they've a superbly restored Unimog or not. And those who are stupid enough to have images of themselves plastered all over the net in their questionable apparel deserve at the very least a urine extraction.

    Whilst such activities are 'harmless', unfortunately, these individuals are in the public eye - and the public (being institutionally thick) cannot tell the difference between 'our boys' and the Severn Valley Tora Bora Re-enactment Group. Yes, restore and drive the vehicles. Dress up like a walty chod, however and expect incoming.

    I'm not for banning such antics - there's enough legislation as it is. I just wish these people regulated themselves or even conducted themselves with a little more humility...

    ... like my re-enactment group: The Ullswater SS Marine Para Recon Ranger Squadron - Mobility Troop.