Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. Chaps, Airsofters, re-enactment groups and paintballers, no matter how you see them are only game players, and are hardly walters, bar a couple who go OTT, those groups are as embarrased about them as we are of our own site w@nker brigade.

    PLease do the Admin a favour and stop vandalising their sites, and if you do feel you have to do it, don't for one minute think you are representing ARRSE so please don't mention the URL in your abuse.

    Medal wearers, fake soldiers like the Fat Falkland Para, Barry Simkins and a few others are a different matter, they are the true Walts.....

    From what I've read much of the walt outers are about as connected to the Army as some of the Paintballers etc themselves...

    Please folks knock it off.
  2. I have no intention of hugging an airsofter ... didn't say that I actually liked them!

    I posted on the thread about banning deactivated weapons and am in the process of eating my deactivated bren piece by piece.

    Shame about the furry animals ... I shall release the shaved gerbils back into the wild.

  3. There is about a whole Coy Group of reenacters near where I live. I often see them in convoy on Sunday mornings. American jeeps circa 1944 etc. They have got better vehicles than we did when I was in. :)
  4. You've only ever seen me invade pikey student soap dodging sites and septic mil sites, back in the days if the ILAF

    I've never looked at the reenactors, not interested.

    My post wasn't a pop at anyone, just a polite request not to link the site with site invasions

    Walt has become a word, like Mong and Mllar that I know cringe about, its been done to death that much.
  5. Slingsby at No 10

    Those were the days!