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You have to take your hat off to these maniacs .Cant say dressing up as royal marines goes down well in a communist country or whatever hong kong is nowadays. Though having to get another manfacturer to fix their plastic sa80 is taking the
quest for realism too far :lol: .
And they have built their own gpmg utter madness havent started naked roll mat fighting yet though .
After reading the requirements to get in THE REG on that rather informative site www.walts.co.uk do I still have to do the same course?

I am a non white, one parent, lesbian, white lightning drinking, crack smoking, Elizabeth Duke gold (frequent buyer card) customer & signed up labour Party member?

Luv you Toni & cherie :p

P.S Can you get the beret in Burberry?



Kit Reviewer
Wow...with those qualifications the skys the limit....how does starting as Brigadier sound? CGS in 5 years! With dental plan!
Newbie_Doc said:
BFG 9000 said:
Apart from www.walts.co.uk you mean?


This is a quote from their bio page..."Steven's granddad was an S.A.S. doctor & he knows all about different bloods that you have to put into someone that's been shot or exploded"

Oh my god!!
My favourite has to be "Thomas - He's actually seen a real gun once (not on the telly) in london last year with his uncle."


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