Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by olddearhunter, Nov 5, 2005.

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  1. er...in current climate...good luck!


    " i now have 21 piercings and short spiky hair.i play a lotta rugby also - am on england U19's but need another knee operation so i'm out4the season. i want to join the army as an officer, doing translating and interpreting through the intelligence corps. i will chat to most anyone (tho i do not appreciate being sent pictures of you naked as soon as we start talking! PLS WAIT TO BE ASKED!!! lol) "

    21 piercings, short spiky hair, plays rugby. SURELY A CANDIDATE FOR THE RLC IF EVER I HEARD OF ONE!

    Not quite up to the standard of the female officer (usually blond, bigtitted, and of course dippy) in the Int Corps!

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  2. I'd hit it!
  3. our female officers are not dippy.
  4. Wanting to be an Officer in the Army, even though she clearly isn't suitable, doesn't make her a walt now, does it?
  5. 21 piercings?? 8O
  6. I got a piercing once.
  7. Oh come on! She's 19 and obviously being a little expressive / rebellious with the piercings, which can be removed! Or is it that she writes like a chav that makes her unsuitable?
  8. Unsuitable.....full stop! So there Dozy :p
  9. Why not? Good for her, I say. ;)
  10. Slacky, I do believe you're a shhhhnob! :D
  11. Nice b**bs!
  12. Nah I'm not a snoooooobbb Dozy - just think a little realism is required here hehe! However I'm sure the Int Corps would have her as a soldier if that's what she wants to do.

    Oh and did anyone notice that she admits to taking drugs?
  13. Looking for a knee operation already! - " hope I die before get old"

    At 6'2'' she will need to be chaperoned by SO2 Dig on her familiarisation visit.
  14. sounds like a volunteer for back to back to back tours.
  15. Bet he tries to shag her as well. :twisted: