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Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by 2todo, Dec 26, 2012.

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  1. I think the facebook lads on the mitty website are doing a decent thing even though it comes across a bit fanatical, lurked here a while and have seen people posting dog toffee and professing to be members of the Royal regiment when evidently not, not my place to argue too bloody old to row or bubble but I am 20 years in end of this month and have come across walts still serving and its getting more common, watched an ex supposed Commando AD lad ripped to bits for badging himself up and turning up at 32 Regt, he had the misfortune to be dishing out kit from the stores a year later to a bona fide ex 20 Bty guy who flagged up that hed not been fit for Commando service (bluffing caa'hnt arent you Scouse Jimmy?)
    If you want your leg over go for it and blag to death but for charity purposes, medical or mental health treatment then die on a bloody rope, what peaked my this year for these blaggers was a known bull shitter being not only commissioned after BSM of a Gun Battery and then a shiny posting to the School but is now plastered over facebook getting his Mbe from the big boss without the much lauded parachute wings he wore for the best part of his junior and senior NCO career, knew him personally and saw him at 2 different regi postings and he was pally with others of the badged types which obviously gave no one cause for concern, certainly not me as he was a top bloke, bit of an airhead but funny and easy to get on with, they will never be beat though when the system still doles out LSGC and Mbe type awards to these bluffers, i wouldnt fully name someone, thats one thing i cant agree with, why bother? you only embarrass their children and family for ever and thats not fair but as long as the offendor knows that we all know then i think thats enough, as long as I know that I did my bit, with no lies and to the best of my ability (although apart from 3 Op Banners an Iraq and a year of Bastion languishing Ive sat in a CP most of the time!) then i say fuck them, as my old dear Ma said, everything comes out in the wash.
    Be proud of what you bloody are and not what you wish you had been!
    Merry Xmas all wherever you may be

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  2. Take a breath, why don't you?
  3. Full stops. God Bless them.
    Paragraphs - even better.

    However, I agree with your sentiment.
  4. It's my first year doing home brew! Point taken though, I could bore all your tits off with still serving walts i know but I have an Ark Royal model to pretend im enjoying painting courtesy of the eldest, it's all go in this household today!! (yes, sarcasm!)

    Happy New Year to all you and yours from Sunny Tidders !

  5. what a surprise! James Shortt appeared on it. Looking at most photos, some of them look like pond life with mental problems!

  6. Give him a bath then:-

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  7. Never seen so many military cliches and slang in one paragraph!
  8. [​IMG]

    OP: Point to the teddy where the nasty men touched you
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  9. Have some punctuation marks.


    No charge, etc.
  10. Does a TA lance jack (in the bugle platoon) that has Cpl stripes sewn onto his number ones just because he did 2 weekends of a range course count?

    This was about a 18 months ago, he's still a lance jack...

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  11. The only thing worse than a walt is an ex squaddie who just can't let go.

    I enjoy a good walt outing as much as the next bloke but the only thing you're advertising when you cross the line into actually caring is that you're a has been with a chip on your shoulder.

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  12. How do you feel about ex squaddies who let go roughly halfway into their service? Would they be 'civvy' walts? I fucking gave up at the 12 year point, after which I just turned up as they were paying me and giving me free clothes.
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  13. Twat in our street has a BEM/MBE thingy,but he's never been in the real army.WTF is the OP on about,I lost interest after the first line.