WALTS - there, got your attention...

I apologise if this forum is not correct however your Arrse 'walthunt ' seems to be a pretty on-going campaign.

Recently there was an excellent documentary on BBC1, 'Wounded', a programme I'm sure most of you watched. I feel much of the walt shennanigans that go on are carried out by people who really do not appreciate the REAL human factor of war, that carrying a gun and looking 'awesome' is NOT what it is all about. Well, I hope some of those people watched this.

I saw it yesterday, my 10 year old daughter found it on YouTube and, to be honest, it had me in tears as we watched it together. To see a man destroyed in such an obscence way and watch him as he hopes for sight back is humbling - I pray I will never witness that.

The point of this post is simple. I'm a civvy, far removed from military life ho0wver we ALL share the consequences. IF you want to lie about serving, why not try thinking about the LESS glamourous side of it. The blindness, the disabilities and the failed relationships.

In other words, why not think about people who would rather have the life YOU can live, insted of trying to pretend that you can live a life they can't have?

It's just an idea but maybe shame, more than ridicule, is what these people need...

And yes, this IS a sensible SF post.
I wouldn't keep your craw yawing for too long RS, you'll probably find it filled with salty chod.

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