Walts other than Winston Churchill

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wm1965, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. Since WWII have any other PMs or Ministers been seen in military uniform as part of their HoC duties? Old Churchill had the RAF uniform courtesy of being an honnary Air Commodore of 615 Sqn, RAF Auxillary; Army uniform courtesy of being the Colonel-in-Chief and "greatest hussar of all time" of 4th Queen's Own Hussars; and the less said about the naval uniform he sports (Royal Yacht Squadron) the better.

    I'm thinking Ted Heath perhaps? ex-HAC.
  2. Deleted due to drunkness, mongness and not understanding the question!
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  3. Err:

    Ted Heath, by then a Major commanding a battery of his own, he provided artillery support in the North-West Europe Campaign of 1944-45. After demobilisation as aLieutenant-colonel in August 1946 Heath joined the Honourable Artillery Company, in which he remained active throughout the 1950s, rising to Commanding Officer of the Second Battalion; a portrait of him in full dress uniform still hangs in the HAC's Long Room. In April 1971, as Prime Minister, he wore his lieutenant-colonel's insignia to inspect troops.
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    It's a little known secret that mrs Thatcher was the first female to pass P company and AACC, nobody at the time knew because she borrowed bob carolgees moustache. She went on to command a submarine and fired the first nuclear device at Botswana in the 1972 'slot a spear chucker' campaign.

    She saw out her service as a sniping instructor with SASC at Warminster and was fundamental in the invention of the port arms movement with the SA80

    She resigned her commission after being caught pissing on a pile of cannonballs outside the Sultan of Omans house by Felicity Kendal, she was part of the Sultans CP team but did a deal over stock piles of malt loaf and kept the story from the press.
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  5. Is it true that Mrs Thatcher subsequently exacted revenge on Felicity by skiffing a VHS box set of The Good Life just before it was presented to the Sultan?
  6. Didn't John Major serve in the RMP?

    runs away and hides.
  7. Walt? Walt! Churchill saw more action than than most of the Waltenkommando combined.

    Eden served in WW1. Captain, 21st Yeoman Rifles Battalion of the King's Royal Rifle Corps. Won an MC. Youngest brigade-major in the British Army at 21.
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  8. Tony Blair served as a bedding storeman in the 1st battalion the Lying, Thieving, Bastards. Formerly the Evildoers Light Of Finger Regiment.
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  9. Motto.....Furandi est nostrum et negotium est bonum
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  10. Don't forget Harold "Supermac' MacMillan:

    Macmillan served with distinction as a captain in the Grenadier Guards during the First World War, and was wounded on three occasions. During the Battle of the Somme, he spent an entire day wounded and lying in a slit trench with a bullet in his pelvis, reading the classical Greek playwright Aeschylus in the original language.[SUP][/SUP] Macmillan spent the final two years of the war in hospital undergoing a long series of operations, and saw no further active service. His hip wound took four years to heal completely, and he was left with a slight shuffle to his walk and a limp grip in his right hand from a separate wound. As was common for contemporary former officers, he continued to be known as 'Captain Macmillan' until the early 1930s.
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  11. Clement Attlee, 2nd to last man evacuated off Suvla Bay.
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  12. Gordon Brown would never have served, he was loathed even by his own body, so much so that his retinas tried to leave and live the life of honest pikey eyeballs, burning tyres next to the A1. Even if he hadn't been a screaming lefty tea leaf, he never would have entered an arm or service, even the Glasgow-spazzy-spakker-wolfcubs would have given him a Broon letter!
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  13. Jim Callaghan(Labour PM) - former Lt in RN.
  14. Dan Jarvis (Lab. Barnsley) Parachute Regiment.