Walts of 2001

walts of 2001??

2011 surely
What the fuck is that tune it is annoyingly addictive..
And love the "Doc" image with the diagnosis!..

It's good to waste some time highlighting C*nts eh!
good drills

love it
Absolutely outstanding! ;0)
It's high time that went viral!
It will be more than viral, the Tameside area is very pro forces, the Remembrance days are a very big deal with an unusually large number of old boys still in attendance, once its all confirmed the lad is rightfully fucked in all ways. Dress up at home and pretend all you like but dont be the big shot in public and keep your fucking sticky theiving fingers out of the pot.

(also, they should pad him up with this utter cunt)

Conman who pretended to collect cash for injured British soldiers is back behind bars after latest scam - The Daily Record

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