Walts in the movies

Think of a film title & walt it!
So "The sound of music" becomes "The sound of walting"


Star Walts-The ARRSE strikes back

Magnum Walt

The Good,The Walt & the Ugly

Heartbreak Walt

over to you.....


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Having a slow day already Spike? Maybe you should just go and take a Walt on the Wild Side, or go and watch any Walt Disney movie.
Band of Walts.

Walts of the Carribean
Prize for biggest walt in movies goes to Bruce Willis...
purely because that's his real name- WALTER
not a walted up film title, but i think the best example of walting can be seen in "True Lies!"

the car salesman that is walting himself up to arnie's missus....quality. needless to say, he gets his just desserts!
A Walt Too Far
The Usual Walts,

Walt Fiction,


Night of the living Walts,

The Waltman Prophecies,

Get Walter,

The Walt Identity,

and the all time classic - Gunfight at the Walt-k Corral


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Reach for the Walt
A Walt too Far
The Walt, The Bad and the Ugly
Kelly's Walts
Bogie and his share:
The Walt Mutiny
Action in the Walt Atlantic
and Ian Fleming's own, for that matter
Dr. Walt
You only walt twice
Walt-o-pussy ( a bit of a stretch, I know)
and lastly, a spoof
Austin Powers: The Walt Who Shagged Me :)shivers:)


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The Walt who knew too much.

The Walt who came in from the Walt

Who Walts, wins.

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