Walts in the ACF

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by mrglass, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. I need help and opinions. I'm an ex reg of six years (nothing that great spent most of my time GSC bumming around getting quals etc), and now I've became an ACF instructor (trying to give something back and help the poor little scroats where I live). The main problem I have is the number of walt instructors. If they're not ex-TA trying to build a private army, they are people regretting their past wishing they had served. Its only the ex regs and the ex cadets I respect, they are the only one there for the benefit of the kids.

    Anyway... my problem is this. How best should I deal with some of the guys (particularly those who out rank me). The other day when discussing a t-shirt one wanted to design it so it looked like a regular units title. On another occassion one guy said he wants us practising for rememberance eight weeks early, so 'he gets to look good on parade, like he's leading a platoon of regular soldiers'. There is also another who claims to be ex-SFG... I'm on his case as we speak. I don't want to leave as I enjoy the work. Most ACF instructors are there for the cadets and are good people. Its just the minority that make feel all 'punchy'
  2. I had the same thing when I left the regs in 92. Thought I would give the ACF a try, fill some time, give something blah blah blah. Left after a year as I couldnt stand the walting cnuts who I had to work with and call "sir". Some of them would turn up looking like a fancy dress model with lanyards, badges, home made this and that. Some of them would spin absolute arrsehole stories to the kids about derring do in GW1, Bosnia and so on. Made me sick, even some of the so called orificers would big themselves up. In the end, me being just boring Chieftain crewman couldnt match the stories, lost temper and twatted detachment commander and was asked to leave. If you want to stay in then you will need to bite your tongue as the place is flooded with the walting cnuts.
  3. I would bin it but i know its for the greater good (the ACF not the walts), alot of my mates from when I was a cadet are all over the forces, from Infantry Corporals, to sig regt subbys to even blades. One guy that does my tits reckons he was SFG. Has brand new rig with his old number on it... kit that came into service a decade after he 'apparently' left. Grips my sh1t I tell you...
  4. So deal with it. There are walts in the ACF we know that i have to tolerate someone who claims to have been one of them, and likewise his stories are as watertight as a teabag.

    However there are a lot of good guys who are there for the cadets, i will be honest some of the worst instructors are those who have left the forces recently and seem to have a huge chip on their shoulder about the way cadets work.

    Yes there are cnuts in the cadets just ignore them or belittle them in the bar.
  5. I couldnt stand it. Some of them were complete mongs, home made ID disks, GW1 this and that but when you ask them a cpl of questions in detail, they clam up. I couldnt stand being talked to like a nig piece of sh*t by a civvy pretending to be a SGT / orificer. Some of them granted are gen ex regs, you can always tell them as they are more chilled out, dont brag about things, spend time showing the kids how to do it properley and not what Rambo might do etc. It was nice to see some of the older lads join up and do something, even then the walt instructors would mock them for regiment choice etc. W*nkers.
  6. I think it often comes down to respect. Some ex regs do have a chip, but deservedly so in a lot of cases. Dosent matter though, they shouldnt be talked to like sh*te by walting ACF instructors. End of the day, no one has to join or stay. Its more like the Scouts now anyway, the Army in Army Cadets seems is being pushed to second place on favour of adventure training. ust my opinion of course and may not reflect the entire UK

    edited cos I cant spell or type
  7. I have said a similar thing to a cadet who posted on here with a similar problem and that is:
    If you leave the ACF you become part of the problem but if you stay you can be part of the solution.
    You can quite easily rise through the ranks being vastly more experienced than a walt and take out the deluded wannabe's as you go. If all else fails have a group AI walt photo session and do a "King Ralph" on them. Instant promotion. :)
  8. I agree about the chip on shoulder thing, but thats only because walts get their backs up. The AT is great and funnily enough it seems to be ex regs who bother to push to get the quals the ACF offers. The Army side of things is hindered by health and safety, but as long as we promote leadership and responsibility etc etc we can continue to provide good ATR fodder. I just PMSL when some of the instructors want to teach 'four man recce drills' etc etc. Lol, no wonder some of the cadets turn up at basic thinking they know it all. Weapons drills would seem basic if you are an advanced underwater snorkel sniper, as instructed by AI Johnny Walt :)
  9. I can only agree with the above, maintain your own standards and lead by example. Show the lads and lasses the right way of doing things and leave the walts to undermine themselves. I have to say I'm not a big fan of the Cadets, children and firearms is wrong, however if you can't stand it, try the scouts. No joke, my mate is ex para and runs a scout unit, he really enjoys it as there are no walts and he teaches kids outdoor skills, values and standards etc without the military bit.
  10. Screw 'em mate, a cadet instructor who had his scran with us whilst on camp a couple of years ago told us the walts get away with wearing badges and medals galore until all the companys are together for annual camps and they suddenly find themselves sat in the mess next to time served blokes suddenly feeling very stupid as they "cant remember who my CSM blokey was when I was in thingamy company erm....not sure what year i left actually....erm" ect ect
    Fcuking choppers..
  11. Have to admit I dont mind the walts so much as the bluffing cnuts who have served but only for 2 minutes who think they know it all.

    I was in our county sgts mess a little while ago drinking with a couple of gen ex-para, the three of us over hearing a conversation about the cadet weapon and handling drills with some tw@t waxing lyrical about his superior skills and how when he was a reg this and attempting to quote pams that, so I asked him straight out "So what were you when you were a reg" the answer came back "RLC Chef for six months mate" needless to say i was drowned with beer as the two lads at the bar spat theres at the answer.
  12. you'll always get choppers in all walks of life, unfortunately the ACF is a cast iron way for lonely sado's to get in uniform and have a bit of authority, albeit over 13yo kids!!

    i've known some who have never served a day in their life (not even as a cadet) who say they are ex-this that and the other!! fortunately they usually go a step to far with the stories and end up leaving!!

    The ACF can only benefit from good instructors (not always ex-reg) who have the time and patience for the Cadets!
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