Walts in Suffolk

Dear all, I have dedcided to post here, to ask for your help.
There seems to be a large case of walts all over suffolk, the local gym is littered with them, marine walts, p coy walts, para walts, and even martial arts walts, I even had a case of a local estate agent claiming to be in the raf, when after investigation, he spent a few weekiends in the raf regiment before leaving due to finding the course too hard.

All this I can handle, I can even handle the acf man wearing a marine berret whilst claiming to have served in the paras, but this latest has got me so upset I am off work today, as am angry beyond belief.

I do not normally bother outting walts, but I feel the time has come, a female acf instructor has come to my attention, calls herself a captain! She is calling her acf unit Kesgrave Para, I have been to their base, a sports hall, and they have photocopied the para cap badge and put nit on their paperwork, on the notice board, they call themselves airborne, when they have never done the airborne course or p coy, how can they do this when the in structors have never been in an airborned unit, let alone the paras, they seem to spend all their time sweasring at young kids and noit actually teaching anything at all abiout the army, please advise best course of action, they meet at millenium sports gorund, kesgrave, every tuesday night, perhaps we cpuld go and ask soem innocent questions? or is it best to leave it to the autiorities. :x

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