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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by looney, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. Can we have a forum just for Walts as enough of them post on Arsse and they do want to be in the gang...
  2. But where's the fun in outting them if they're already, er... outted :?
  3. There is a forum ABOUT Walts HERE but how are going to get them to admit they are Walts and then force them to use the dedicated forum?

    Ideas on the back of a decoration for bravery please.
  4. Like keep them in a glass cage to make fun at!
  5. It's getting them into the cage.

    I suggest a trail of VC's.

    That should lure them in.
  6. Make it look like a surplus store..
  7. Anything or ANYBODY that is surplus to requirements.
  8. There is already a walts forum.

    It's here.

  9. cool avatar flashy :D
  10. Miiaaooowwwww!
  11. I think that's extremely unfair.

    And funny.
  12. Jobs a good un then..