Walting wives?

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by joe mcclaine, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. Anyone have any experience of women exaggerating their old man's role or just completely making it up?

    Is this sort of stuff common (?) and if there was a sweep, what would your money be on ?

    1. It's all 100% true
    2. He's spun her a yarn to knock her bandy
    3. She's just lying to impress folk
    4. She's mental
  2. My money's on 2. And if she's taken in by it, then 4.
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  3. A combination of 2,3 and 4
  4. This has fired off the old brain cells...

    There was a book about the SBS by somebody or other, he was the youngest bloke to join... IIRC straight from training in some sort of bizarre admin mix up/experiment.

    I am sure in that book there was a bit about such an incident. IIRC the SBS chappy was in a drysuit, or similar, and was wearing a rather naughty tour t-shirt underneath, and thus had to sit through the whole thing boiling whilst keeping his pinky raised when sipping from the fine china.
  5. I think it was this one http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0751526304/?tag=armrumser-21
  6. Hey Joe, small world, I might know her. Before I breach my own OPSEC mate, what line of work you in fella?
  7. Fair dues, I'd never heard the story before and the women thought it was so outrageous that it had to be made up.
  8. what you should do is fuck her. fuck her brains out
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  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I can understand why women come running to you Big Boy. Have you got any plans for tomorrow night?
  10. I got told a dit by someone who used to be a signaller before he went RM . Talking of his days in Signals he told me about his section commander who while he made him dig a trench , told him jokes the whole time. Having just read of an incident like that I said " Oh right, what like in that CQB book then ? " He then went all quiet and laughed it off. Years later he went on to win a MC in Helmand by being nails. Strange world .
  11. We work for the same company but in different sections / offices but you know how things are when emails / calls are flying about.

    If you know her and the birds have got the wrong end of the stick then I'm happy to let the mods delete the thread and I'll wind my neck in.
  12. It was in the book mate, which came out in 1999 according to the amazon, I think the guy writing the book was repeating a story he was also told... IIRC (more info is coming in) Andrew picked up a two man sniper team (certanly it was only 2 or 3 blokes). No idea why he picked them up and he took them to a palace... I don't recall which one, but it may have been Buck House in the book. He was flying them back from an exercise or something, and asked if they fancied a brew. Something like that.

    I think they put their sniper rifles in an umbrella stand or similar, because they didn't know what the fcuk to do with them!!!

    Having read falconers wiki and matching when Andrew was a chopper pilot I would imagine your 'mad womans' fella would be 50 - 60 now, if he was actually in the group... if that is any help.
  13. Was it SBS or SPS?

    There's not that much difference really.
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  14. Aye, both can fuck up your day without thinking about it.

    Totally unintentionally in the case of SPS, just general wankishness.
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  15. Dale gets her shitlist out.

    Moves Trowel down one, and puts Pitswamper at number 5.