Walting with medals may not be illegal

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrPVRd, Jan 25, 2010.

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  1. This caught my eye....

    I'm impressed that Mr Day managed to time his act of waltery to perfection, wrongfooting legislators in such a complex manner!

  2. Forget all that, why wasn't he just banged under section 69 like everyone else was lol, just farting out of time incurred Her Majesty's displeasure with that baby...............
  3. It may well have been repealed but my low-brain cell count understanding of law is that you can still be tried for a crime under previous legislation if the offence was committed and the charge was laid before the new legislation took effect. He could not have committed an act under the AFA because it hadn't come into law when he committed his act.
  4. Because he wasnt serving, lol. Unlike s69, the section he was charged under applies to anyone even if they are not subject to military law.
  5. MrPVRd,

    I'm confused...

    Thread title: Walting with medals may not be illegal

    Post content: complicated legal speak describing much confusion, but

    Final words: The magistrate, Mr Alan Jones, felt able to rule on constitutional and administrative law and convicted Mr Day.

    So, despite the merry-go-round of legal speak, and the apparent lack of law as you initially suggested, he got convicted.

    Have I missed something?
  6. Who cares? He's been exposed and his life is ruined. Move on.
  7. I hope you gathered I was taking the proverbial in my post, and I realise section 69 refers to conduct of military discipline.
    Mind you you would think by all those medals that guy would be green right through if you cut him in half!!!!!
    Let's hope for once the state can spend some money on legal advice far above his means and have some justice for all those people that actually earned those decorations through actual bona fide service and acts.

  8. Interesting article MrPVRd from legal technicalities and modus operandi aspects. A clever ‘defence’ in view of no question he was not entitled to wear what he did in public. The bit I find a bit odd (just opinion from a Joe Public layman’s view), is the magistrate ”felt able to rule on constitutional and administrative law and convicted Mr Day.”?

    A ‘clever’ or ‘last ditch’ effort told me in the distant past by an articled clerk I knew, involved three men up for the murder of another. The essence of the charge was that they had planned and carried out bludgeoning a man to death and thereafter disposed of the body by throwing it into the sea. Apparently there was no question these three planned and carried this out, but, their barrister claimed the charge should be reduced from murder to manslaughter because the post-mortem showed the victim died of drowning. Ergo, they had actually failed in their intent to kill him by bludgeoning, and inadvertently killed him by drowning? Apparently the judge ruled whatever the acceptable legal term is for ‘bollox’ and all three were convicted of murder.

  9. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The writer of the article also questions the authority of the Magistrate to 'confiscate' the medals. He points out that it is not illegal to own medals. No doubt some lawyers will be able to correct me on this but as medals remain the property of the monarch after issue a private individual may be in lawful possession of them but cannot own them. The monarch, in this case via her representative the magistrate has demanded for them back.

    Of course if Mr Mitty is wearing imatation medals I'm not sure what the position would be...
  10. I was under the impression that whilst serving they were the property of the crown and therefore able to be taknen away from the recipient. but that on leaving the services they became the property of the recipient. order insignia is returned after death, but not medals.
  11. Thanks for the link Mr PVRd.

    You'll be hearing more from us soon.

    Editor: The Daily Politics
  12. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer


    Thank God for the above. I can now out myself. Walts of today: Read it and weep!

    Some time back, I attended a garden party at a friend's house. The place was choc-a-block with attractive and VERY young chicks (as well as quite a few MILFs) and the refreshments were outstanding. I received much admiring attention for I was - gasp! - masquerading as a naval hero dripping with faux, but impressive-looking medals. The MILFs in particular were swooning over me, and one young lass asked me for a smooch behind a hedge.

    I am glad to hear I will NOT be prosecuted for this glory-seeking pretense, though I do still fear being hounded to death by ARSSERs.

    Oh, a small detail: I was six-years-old at the time. The bemedalled naval hero I was walting as was one Horatio Nelson, RN.