Walting video

Now then gents, seem to recall seeing a vid on here not so long ago about a couple of guys who filmed themselves in a wood pseudo fighting with wooden sticks. Think it may have been called "is this walting" Was a class film, wanted to show it to a mate but can't find it anywhere. The search facility on here is gash, some right weird results!
Anyway, can anyone help out?
Cheers, PJ
Genius. Brilliantly filmed and directed.
I loved the sound effects. The No.2 on the bazooka was especially brilliant.
That was class. I remember my days spent running round the woods getting filthy p1ss wet through for no apparent reason.

Ah well, atleast these days we get paid more than pocket money and a mars bar. Only just but still...

Looks like a typical TA weekend to me.
The dogshite under the boot really cracked me up! :w00t:
looks like hankley common,did my s.m.c. there.outstanding film,pissed myself laughing.we all played soldiers as kids,only some of still play it in out adulthood,me included.
Thanks Jimmy, that video is a work of art!

ROTFPML...but that is exactly what we did as kids!
He really had something there. A masterpiece of a video and acting. Sent a shiver down my spine as it really shows how we thought as kids and what we really know now...

I would rather fight with 7.62 stick guns any day...

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