Walting video


Now then gents, seem to recall seeing a vid on here not so long ago about a couple of guys who filmed themselves in a wood pseudo fighting with wooden sticks. Think it may have been called "is this walting" Was a class film, wanted to show it to a mate but can't find it anywhere. The search facility on here is gash, some right weird results!
Anyway, can anyone help out?
Cheers, PJ
That is quality! Liked the bit about the army cadets being too rough, looks like the Aldershot training area.
Genius. Brilliantly filmed and directed.
I loved the sound effects. The No.2 on the bazooka was especially brilliant.
Class. :thumleft:

Reminds of that Episode of Spaced where they get out of a kicking by using finger guns. Fecking hilarious that show.
That was class. I remember my days spent running round the woods getting filthy p1ss wet through for no apparent reason.

Ah well, atleast these days we get paid more than pocket money and a mars bar. Only just but still...

Quality vid. That fella that did the juddering dance of death when he was getting shot? Best video death ever!!
Looks like a typical TA weekend to me.
The dogshite under the boot really cracked me up! :w00t:


looks like hankley common,did my s.m.c. there.outstanding film,pissed myself laughing.we all played soldiers as kids,only some of still play it in out adulthood,me included.


Thanks Jimmy, that video is a work of art!

ROTFPML...but that is exactly what we did as kids!


He really had something there. A masterpiece of a video and acting. Sent a shiver down my spine as it really shows how we thought as kids and what we really know now...

I would rather fight with 7.62 stick guns any day...

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