Walting to win an argument

The ThisIsDerbyshire website possibly has a Falklands walt.

Currently using the nom-de-walt of "Querty_Keys" (will most likely have changed by the time you read this as he normally gets banned within a few posts).

Claims to have been in the Falklands in '82 saving us all from the argies; Normanton Road, residents, complain, sex workers, prostitutes | This is Derbyshire

Except he's also previously said he's the founder of the Pets As Therapy organisation, and owner of the first PAT dog; Should dogs be on leads or banned from public parks? | This is Derbyshire

Which would make him John Price of Mickleover (Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club - The Dog as a Therapist), accountant since 1978; uk | LinkedIn

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