Walting to get a shag

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Shittypants, Jul 13, 2011.

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  1. Semi serious-question and in response to the recent thread about b*llshitting to get a bit.

    Has anybody ever found it actually an effective technique? Whenever, I have tried to get a shag embellishing slightly my meager tales of foreign climes, I find that you get put into the "trying too hard" category pretty quickly.

    Christ only knows what the result would be if one claimed to be an SAS Colonel/Jet pilot with a DSO and Bar!

    Is this just my experience?
  2. Still in the Pioneer Corps mate or have the library run out of colouring books?

    I was challenging the underlying assumption of yesterdays post, the premise of which, was that walting could get one a shag.

    Do try to keep up old boy.
  3. He means that it is virtually the same argument on the other thread. Why start another one?

    Do try to keep up old boy!
  4. Ah the Chunkies stick together!
  5. Shitty when you've actually been with a real lady,and not your pet sock,let us know.
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  6. I bet this gets you a lot of shags:

    "Hello, my name's Shittypants, what's yours?"

  7. You have to admit SP these to Threads are very, very, very, similar and the responses therefore would be very, very, similar - if you get my drift!
  8. I do admit it is very close, however, the other thread sparked my train of thought and I wondered if enhancing your military prowess might actually lead to a bonk whereas the other thread operated on the assumption that it would.

  9. Nice one, I do find that "Kaccy Trousers" works better !
  10. I'll ask the two ex wives and the three kids for their advice on answering this question.

  11. Youve fucked your kids?
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  12. No just their mothers, aunties and granny once (but I was pissed at the time)
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  13. That particular train has been derailed.
  14. Thanks mate!

    Will have to do some work now.