Walting sloppo

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by gooneyboy, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. At last!, see they do exist

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  2. Seeing the BMI of the "War and Peace" walts they must have SS Kitchen staff every 50m or some of these reenacting crowd might pass out.
  3. Just like a TA drill night then.
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  4. I thought all sloppo's were walts. None of them passed the fecking course!
  5. Does he know the German for

    'ONE fucking sausage, CUNT!'?

    Looks a bit young to tell stories of the last egg banjo in the bunker.
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  6. I wonder whether that's a genuine WW2 roll of paper towels on the table?
  7. Next you will be telling me Steven Seagal was a WALT aswell......fuckingwalthunters
  8. The cheroot is a nice touch.

    Its been years since the head chef had his own ashtray in the kitchen.
  9. 'ONE verdammt Wurst, CUNT!'?
    or in french «UNE saucisse putain, chatte! '?
  10. Which reminds me of the story about the pessimistic German vegetarian, she always feared the wurst.
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  11. You lie. There were no cooks in the German Luftwaffe. The meals were all prepared by contract catering staff to the usual Hotel Ritz standard.

  12. 'Who called the cook a cunt?' 'Who called that cunt a cook'

    I'll get me coat.........
  13. More like had a kitchen as an ashtray.
  14. Did someone call me a cunt?
  15. I make it Ein Ficken wurst Muschi.
    Une Saucisse Putain Connard

    See Ms Moon were far more cultured than you thought
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