"Walting SCH and what is an SCH?"

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Minxy, Oct 24, 2006.

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  1. It has been brought to the attention of a number of ARRSER'S that a sad female ARRSE maiden has taken it upon herself to become a walt. Not any old walt but a SCH walt.

    This jackanory telling, lard scented harridan, has been spinning many a tale through the corridors of ARRSE.

    The old and bold male members of ARRSE apparently have a lot to answer for.
    I'm under the impression if this, fizzy, fiesty, individual has actually 'bumped ugly bits' with the amount of members she claims, she is in fact a very, very, baggy hooped, dare I say it.......whore all be it a lying one!

    This of course chugged along nicely and spawned a SCH, 'defining' moment so:-

    What maketh a SCH I hear you say?

    In a recent survey conducted in the bastion of research areas (Chat-room) it was decided that:

    A. Pads Brats are exempt from the term SCH - they are always c0ck hungry. (apparently)

    B. You can not serve, shag numerous other squaddies and be a SCH - you are merely a slag

    C. More than 2 or more ARRSERS in a short period of time does a SCH make

    D. Anyone looking for a Squaddie

    Im throwing this open to the floor, WHAT by definition is a SCH? Should a walting SCH be named and shamed?

    Are you a SCH and feel the need to 'get it off your chest', go public, name your conquests, ARRSER's or otherwise OR are you going to force those in the know, to do it for you?

    Are you in fact the walting SCH and want to confess, lie and attempt to talk your way out of the 'squalid lies and massive jackanory stories' in short BULLSHOITE you have been spreading? (Or do you want me to name and shame you, believe me I can make it sound an awful lot worse than it actually is, you sad, pitiful, twisted individual, choice is yours?)

    Use this thread for, a serious, heartfelt in depth look into SCH's, their lives, loves, shags, admissions and for those that have to tell LIES at least try and make it believeable!
  2. Does it keep it out of chat and new girls stop getting attacked? Gets my vote :D
  3. Who is the walt - you have to tell us NOW :x

  4. ...which would be great if it was a crochet forum.

    SCH take their chances. They know the territory they are entering. Why would a single (or not so single) non mil with no connection to the mil be coming here anyway? Fcuk em (in the biblical sense).
  5. Come on Minxy, spill the beans woman. Tell us. Dont leave us with half a tale. :cry:

    Flashy, maybe they have trawled (or gone through) the members of the other sites and arrse is the last stop? Or perhaps arrse has a better class of soldiers :?
  6. Alright I admit it, it was me.

    I let the_crimp_off stretch my hoop with a baby dolphin carcass but he then refused to put his manhood in me saying that 'well it's a little gay to be honest'.

    I've been lording it up saying that Crimp did me bareback in front of the MenCap society building while local homeless cats pissed in my face.

    Oh the shame.
  7. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Have to agree here.

    A lot of ganging up, both here and on RP has been happening recently, and it has not been by the blokes.

    Having said that, I don't condone chat being used as a teenage text forum, but maybe we should give some breathing room to new users?

    /ducks expecting incoming
  8. I don't even know what a SCH is! It's mae age ya ken. Whit us ut??????
  9. As a new user, I fully expected to get my head verbally ripped off when I ducked into chat to ask what a SCH was. I didn't and for that I am grateful. No offense intended by the way, thank you for the explanation.
  10. WTF has happened now...!!!!!?

    B'jesus... I loved the days when this was a randomly funny forum where I used to duck into to find peeps more twisted than myself.

    Can we all stop shagging each other and stick to posting sick stories about poo and mongs please.

    Minxy I hear you, but I have no idea who you're talking about, and I don't want to know, since I've only ever met one person from ARRSE (for beers not shags), and for all I know, none of you may even exist.
  11. Nothing has happened, well not recently, I was bored AND a serious point, unfortunately the NAAFI stopped being randomly funny aaaaaaaaaaaages ago.

    I was advised against putting it in Social in hindsight with the amount of bed hopping going on it was probably the best place for it.

    AND I wouldn't tell you anyway - well not yet! :wink:

    My bold: Good Call! What utter bollocks!Its not recent, its ALWAYS been the same and you know what, read the forum pay attention in chat, blokes do it as well. Anyhoo Im told you are 'part of the knitting circle' now so any opinion you give holds little water!

    Have to whilst it pains me to agree with Flashy here


    Of all the chatrooms on the whole of the fcuking internet and they just happened to fall into NAAFI chat, for nothing other than a Chat??

    We have all had 'baptism of fire' in there so why the fcuk should newbies now be treated any differently?

    Chat is farrrrrrrking tame compared to how it was not a year ago, it used to be FUNNY, NOW we have to be nice to everyone - EVERYONE! Dependant of course on what Moderator happens to be there at the time.

    I have noted equally that its 'Okay' for a bloke to use the term SCH but its not 'okay' for a female to use it as its just 'bitching'!!Yet, noone can decide what a 'SCH' is, other than it isn't a 'new' female with no mil connection at all, not even a tenuous one, in chat - strange that!

    Nothing pisses me off more than, no post, pic in gallery females (optional) with NO connection signing up and falling into chat, that we ALL have to be nice to incase it does actually 'put out', between that and fcuking journo's lurking, cnuts!

    Is it the fact fella's, that you have by passed the desperate stage of getting laid, can't get yourself out into the 'real world' and your chances of pulling the SCH are being severely hampered by 'bitching' in Chat?

    Admittedly I have also noted hypocrisy creeping in, i.e its okay to be a long time user on ARRSE and be a SCH - feeling a little threatened by new SCH's hence the b*itching? What makes me laugh all the more, is this 'noooo, not me I haven't let a small number of grotty individual ARRSERS chuck one up me aaaaaaaand if I did, well I shall stand my ground and deny it' attitude - psst...reality check this is ARRSE, if you have done it people KNOW!!

    Note to SCH's:-If you want fluffy chat, then head over to the other place, after all if you aren't actively seeking SC, :roll: expect and demand chat to be eye bleedingly fluffy then thats the place for you, its allegedly full of SCH's as well so you could probably exchange 'bag em' notes?

    P.S SCH walt, you haven't surfaced yet, sure you don't want to explain yourself before I do, times running out, I've had quite a giggle, some of your MSN logs are er....interesting!!You really should pick your confidante's a little better! :roll:
  12. I'll ask Minxy then.
  13. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Good Morning

    My Name is Auld-Yin

    I am an SCH (Squaddie C unt Hunter)

    Please send location :twisted: :hump:
  14. Used to be between the legs - last time I looked.
  15. :x Christ, I must be really ugly! I've never met any SCHs, and now I know I'm missing something, I want it. :wink:
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