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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ReadySalted, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. Searching on google for a smock I find this beauty.
    The forum has more than likely been posted before, but not sure if this particular bellend has ever been fully exposed.
    I just couldn't resist.


    Fair one. But what a tw@t. If you know yourself you havnt earnt something, why still indulge in it. Why is he still wearing them if he knows he hasn't earnt them
    "Display purposes only", Displaying he is a Dicck.

  2. Not a Walt in my opinion, he states that its for display purposes as part of a re-enactment, and not meant to cause offence. Its not as if he's claiming to be a PARA.

    Sad yes. Walting.....Not really.

  3. Words of disgust fail me! Buying kit to have photos taken in it!

    Not to self, along the vein, not across it!
  4. Why is it always SAS/PARA/RM? Does no-one ever walt as an AGC Clerk or a sloppo?
  5. Have to agree with Praetorian on this.

    Walt ? No (as said, he admits wings aren't his or earnt and are only for display)

    Sad ? Yes
  6. I was away for a while and missed the demise of the long standing Walt thread. What happened there? Lived its natural life and someone decided to kill it off or was someone upset enough to cry to mammy (or his solicitor)!
  7. Do AGC clerks or sloppos have special insignia a walt could attach to his rig? A winged paperclip perchance, or crossed spatulas.
  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I've been walting as a clerk for years.

    I have a winged biro (Banner of course) and a DPM mug.
  9. Nice 'loadout'............... WTF??????!!!!!!!
  10. Now, that would be funny.
  11. Would these cnuts risk RSI as a clerk or hack getting up a 5 to cook the lads' breakie followed by the mother of all pan bashes?

    I rest my case - tossers the lot of them!

  12. Your having a laugh....most army chefs have been walting for years, walking around kitchens pretending they can cook
  13. It's still there, the name's just changed. What other sticky numbers over 400 pages!