Walting Matilda

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Spot_the_Dog, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. 84 year old walt?
    Is this the oldest Walt to have been outed??
  2. At least he can now say he was imprisoned, and with some luck there'll be an Asian decent guard he can fantasize over (in the non-naughty way.) They may even ask him to build a railway?
  3. Spot_the_Dog: Fantastic thread title!
  4. The disconcerting thing here is that the BBC says "jail" instead of "gaol".
  5. Surely that ought to be King Rat of the Walts?
  6. Maybe not quite so awesome when you can probably get out of any incisive FEPOW question by saying that you don't want to talk about it. Link broken by the way.

    Edit : sorry my own spasticness for accessing it from the posting box instead of clicking on the link, doesn't like it if I right click and go-to for some reason.
  7. Linky works for me.
  8. vango

    This very website is described as being " very erudite " . . I suppose it is if you overlook spelling and grammar
  9. Quite sad actually, the blokes an infantry Korea vet ffs, that would be enough to earn him a few free beers without the walting.
  10. super fun!!!!!!!
  11. aussies are militant and sometimes aggressive about outing walts, because there are so many of them rorting the system here, veterans get a gold card which guarantees free private medical car and too many other perks to mention,expat veterans here get a white card its called a specific injuries card, which amongst other things provides free medical care for any injuries you recieved while serving, any of these cards can cut your cost of living by 25%, so for some walts it is worth the risk
  12. Duff info there.