Walting Matelot C**t

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by northern-matelot, Nov 6, 2011.

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  1. F**king fuming right now- just chucked a Walt out of my best mates house, ****** pretended to be a matelot, at first said he was a chef the claimed he was Engineer Cap badge (navy cap badges are related to their rates / ranks not trade). Said he joined up in 2006 and left 2 month ago as a petty officer (Sargent to you green types) after only 5 years service. Had no answer as to what ships he served on, no idea what his service number was or what entry he joined up with. Claimed he was in afghan and lost oppos there. Feel physically sick right now and my oppo is literally shaking with rage! The knobs Facebook pale is www.facebook.com/JimbobJones2
    Literally want to seriously cause this guy pain right now. :/
  2. Well, posting online should fix it.
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    How perfectly ghastly. Why didn't you ask him to prove he was navy by giving you his iPod? (And it's Sergeant to green types, unless they are truly blessed, in which case it's Serjeant).

    Do you not have better things to get uptight about?
  4. There's no point ranting now. You had him firmly in your sights and let him get away. Or did he get the upper hand, nick your iPod and give you a really gash suit to wear?
  5. Did you lure him into your mate's house for rum, sodomy and the lash, only for him to spurn your advances?
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  6. No offence lads, this ain't the NAAFI, leave the iPod jokes out for once eh? The guy has been working with Sea Cadets under the claims of being a matelot, surely the fact he's been lying about being the forces there are other things he's easily capable of lying of. I'm not trying to start some witch hunt, but when he's come into my and my friends house, claiming to be some ganners war hero while she's sitting next to him and is still hurting over recently lost close friends in the last 72 hours, I am absolutely ******* fuming!
  7. **** off to rum ration and ask them. Walting as a matelot shows no ******* ambition or vision whatsoever
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  8. Maybe blogging is the answer? Nobody reads those...
  9. So this ****** was walting as a Navy chef? REALLY???

    So fuming you get on the computer and type type all that shite instead of do something about it - do you want us to do your dirty work hom?

    Waltenkommando might have been a better place to post this.

    Man up you ******* dull kunt!
  10. This him?

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  11. I claim my free Ipod, ill fitting suit and signing on fee for my new Book...The Wavey Navy...all at Sea......oh and a photo shoot with the fat Heffer with said captured sea hats...
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  12. That's him governor.....keel haul him that's what I say
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  13. Can't keel haul him he's the ninja chef. Plus,iirc you need some of those boaty things to keel haul him with. Do you actually have any?
  14. Of FFS not another waiting thread. The offender needs ******* shagging, fancy walting as a matlow what's the world coming to. Certainly no drive and enthusiasm.

    As for the OP let it go, move along nothing to see here.
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  15. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Sailor Cook walts are pretty thin on the ground...has the Waltfinder General been informed of this rare sighting?
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