Walting Gurkhas Causing Problem

Fake Gurkhas are causing passport delays in Hong Kong, British director general says

(From article in South China Morning Post)
Adult Children and Grandchildren of former Gurkha soldiers are facing problems coming to UK because of the number of fake applications.

"Britain’s passport office will "urgently" review the delays in granting passports to Gurkha descendants in Hong Kong, its director general said, saying the hold-ups were caused by people falsifying connections to the Gurkhas.

"Her Majesty’s Passport Office cannot issue a passport until we are satisfied of any person’s eligibility for a passport, which I am sure that this group of proud British nationals fully understand," he wrote in the letter, dated Monday."

Although this problem is about Hong Kong, it's a safe bet that the consulate in Nepal and the UKBA are facing similar problems
I doubt that the Goddess Lumley will get involved. After all, she constantly assured us her campaign was not about Gurkha dependents.

Fake Gurkhas Causing Problem
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It’s the law of unintended consequences that always fall out of any good ideas that people campaign for and fail to foresee.

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