Walting Down Under

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by DANJANOU, May 29, 2012.

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  1. Looks like I will have to give West Hams' InterCity Firm a call as it looks like he is wearing "The Irons" on his sleeve.

    Up the 'ammers!!
  2. the mind boggles at the odd balls that this world seems to churn up.
    If they are former members of 1st CDO Regt (which I very much doubt)they are making themselves look ridiculous......
    1st Commando Regiment didnt serve as a formed unit in Vietnam either.....

    they should be kangaroo courted for that gopping rig in the first instance.
  3. As per suggestion I emailed ANZMI yesterday and received this a miunute ago.

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  4. Why is he holding a NSW workcover white card?
  5. Is his name Matilda?
  6. and why are they wearing socks on their faces?
  7. If you looked this fugly you would to

  8. Crikey, what a couple of choppers. Do they not know the potential consequences of their actions? An reverse walt-spiral could destroy the universe. Sheer madness it is.

    Walt-Spiral - ARRSEpedia
  9. Ok maybe it's because I've had a long day and am more warped than usual but the looks on their faces especially the twit with the aiguillette, suggest that they're just about to embrace each other passionately as a prelude to some very public incestuous man love.

    Obviously the old digger in the background is not impressed, either he's a member of the local Waltenkommado or not very open minded.
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  10. Bit of an update on the gruesome twosome

  11. Wow... how they ever thought they'd get away with this... battle axes as personal weapons ffs!
  12. Truly excellent Walting of the highest order, these guys deserve a medal, except there's nowhere left to put it them.
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