Walting Down Under

Looks like I will have to give West Hams' InterCity Firm a call as it looks like he is wearing "The Irons" on his sleeve.

Up the 'ammers!!
the mind boggles at the odd balls that this world seems to churn up.
If they are former members of 1st CDO Regt (which I very much doubt)they are making themselves look ridiculous......
1st Commando Regiment didnt serve as a formed unit in Vietnam either.....

they should be kangaroo courted for that gopping rig in the first instance.
As per suggestion I emailed ANZMI yesterday and received this a miunute ago.

Good Morning XXXXX

Thank you for your interest in our work and for the information about the Hines Brothers.
We received quite a few reports about these idiots when they appeared last ANZAC Day (5 April 12) in Brisbane. As well as all the USA Ribbons they are wearing Australian Vietnam Medals; they did not serve with the Australian Army in Vietnam.

We are actively investigating these two and are confident that they will appear on our web site as frauds and liars.

Best regards
Bill Hobson
ANZMI Investigator
Crikey, what a couple of choppers. Do they not know the potential consequences of their actions? An reverse walt-spiral could destroy the universe. Sheer madness it is.

Walt-Spiral - ARRSEpedia
Ok maybe it's because I've had a long day and am more warped than usual but the looks on their faces especially the twit with the aiguillette, suggest that they're just about to embrace each other passionately as a prelude to some very public incestuous man love.

Obviously the old digger in the background is not impressed, either he's a member of the local Waltenkommado or not very open minded.
Wow... how they ever thought they'd get away with this... battle axes as personal weapons ffs!
Wow... how they ever thought they'd get away with this... battle axes as personal weapons ffs!
Perhaps they were Spetznaz trained? With all their internet purchased tin and ribbons, it would only have taken a couple more clicks to research these bad boys (and their gymnastic chopper flinging antics.)

They missed a trick there.

Truly excellent Walting of the highest order, these guys deserve a medal, except there's nowhere left to put it them.
Maybe the seekers of walts could have a walt of the month/year award might be fun.

has there been any female walts or is it just sad blokes that go in for this sort of stuff.
Indeed there has been, I seem to remember a fat butcher from the Andover area quite a few years ago, who was walting as a WRAC Capt in order to have it's wicked way with stupid gits who couldn't twig that it was a bloke!!
Every Anzac day they seem to crawl out of the woodwork here in queensland,sadly many of them have an origin in the british army and navy,I cant see what they gain from it
If you looked this fugly you would to

See the old boys face with the zimmer?...says it all!

Edit to add, may not be a zimmer, just a barrier.,..difficult walking walt!

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