Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Man_of_Kent, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. While doing some reasurch on-line for a project on the Lincolnshire Regt i came across this, enjoy fellow arrsers

    The battle pictures are the best.

    I have no problem with ex service personnel who want to re live their good old army days. But walts that have never seen a day of service that takes the piss, and i think there is a fair few here.

  3. oh dear....

    Capt. Alex Smith


    WO2 Andy Cummings


    Sgt. Maj. Keith Price


    Sgt. Nick Barber


    Sgt. Ben Major


    Cpl. Fatty Major


    Pvt. Peter Mason


    Pvt. Ryan Goodyear (joined 2005!)


    Pvt. Richard Woodhouse


    Pvt. Daryl "Dez" Woodhouse

  4. Are they not just re-enactors (if that's even a word)?
  5. There seems to be a desire to be things airborne or military police. Coincidence or just plain wrong?
  6. surely youd get in a bit of trouble for walking round with a rifle in public?


    careful there, you might take his eye out


    theres something wrong about this picture...

  7. You're right Suedehead, the pigeon's uniform is the best fitting one on show

    Editted to counter mong type
  8. Speckled Jim! He's not dead! Somebody tell Melchett, quick.

    Editted to add: That's one fat para walt, he'd need a Dak all to himself to get airbourne, and a jumbo-sized chute to get down again.
  9. Look at the people in the background; they're all dressed up. This is a major Walting community.
  10. on the picture of the "para" with the rifle, you can see a very young child dressed as a sailor. what the fcuk
  11. Q the arrival of the Feds to take all the kids into protective custody
  12. Not satified with simply walting it up as a para RSM, this one wants to be a sniper walt as well.

  13. Edited to: give these fellas a chance I suppose. Still think it's odd to spend half your wage on a denison smock and a replica Sten though...

    And he's still pointing his Sten at the photographer...
  14. p

    Look how the rest of the"public" are dressed

    And this is not walting ,very boring and not my cup of tea but not walting.I dont think they are doing much harm there are worse walts on this site.
  15. Is there something stopping you? :D