Walting and Relative Dimensions in Space

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Cuddles, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. Last night I watched Dr Who. There was a character begging for alms, claiming he was a veteran of the Crimean War. As he was only about fifty years old and was wearing the Egyptian Medal (1882-1889) and the Khedive's Star he was obviously a walt. He was, however, shortly after making this appearance disintegrated by the aliens.

    Would that all walts could be so swiftly done away with...
  2. As they say, "it's amazing the things you see when you haven't got a gun on you".

    BTW, appears your picture thing has done one, or has had the penis administered, or my system is unilaterally blocking it? i.e. The doggon dog's gone.

  3. I also am seeing naught but a little red cross where the doggie was.

  4. Unfortunately Cuddles discovered the Secret plans to dispose of the Walts and it appears the aliens have taken their revenge!

    Such a sweet looking hound too.
  5. Oooh - where's my avatar? That is a worry because it is shared between several Brown Lab fanciers...I'll look into it tout de suite.
  6. Normal Windsor has been resumed...this pic is actually him too - the other avatar was brown lab, GS, Arrsers for the use of!
  7. Is that your carpet though? - That is awfull. I bet you have curtains that match
  8. Ask the dog, it's probably his kennel? 8O

  9. I think you'll find his kennel is probably half way out to sea by now :)
  10. Wow, I wish I could give my pet a cruise. :lol:


    BTW, seen this one? Doggon Wheels
  11. The carpet is sadly no longer with us...it was the old carpet at a pub I frequent. The new carpet is mostly blue. Excpet where it is brown, dungy-brown at that!
  12. Hmmm Walting and Relative Dimentions in Space - Waadis! ( Wah-dis)
  13. Now this gets worse. I watched Life on Mars last night and there was some walting nutter in it. He was supposed to have fought in "the war" (WW2 therefore) but his medal was the UN Korea medal, with no Queen's Korea Medal to keep it company. Luckily he was out-walted by Gene Hunt, using his trusty hip flask(s) to miraculously survive the murderous assault.

    Don't these people do research? Or have they done research and discovered it is this sort of thing that sends Cuddles insane? Maybe it is a conspiracy? Or is it TFB's cunning plan to send me doolally and scoop the endowments and life insurance? Quick cabby, to Locke's of St James for a tin-foil boater...
  14. The researcher is usally the person worst equipped for the job as I ahve often found out when approached to do work

    conversation usually goes

    Hello we represent tv company X and we would like to hire your siege engine (my group happens to own a small full sized one)

    Certainly I say it will cost £x'000's

    Oh that's cvery expensive we ill go elsewhwere they say

    Fine please do I say

    Within an hour they ring back to confirm waht we knew that we own the only one

    The best productions are ones when they seek your advice and input not over stupid details but basics the worst ones are usually the reverse.
  15. 100% agree, the carpet is gopping. Nice pooch though.