Walting - A History?

With all the walt hunting going on I began to ponder its history. It is something that has emerged in the aftermath of WWII or does it stretch back eons in an attempt to get free booze and lift a few skirts?

Did Karem the charioteer have to stop swigging his palm wine to twot some idiot who swore he was lance bearer to Ramesses II at Kadesh?

Did legionnaire Thomus Aktinus have to deal with some plebian propped up in the local taverna larking about taking down one of Hannibal's elephants single handed à la Legolas?

Did Cedric the Norman have to stop quaffing his ale to split the head of some peasant giving the alehouse wenches the looks while muttering that he "did his bit at Hastings, can't say too much...".

Much as "the balcony" now seems to have held an entire reg't of them, were there 100,000 redcoats claiming to have been at Waterloo, honest I was there guv'?

How far back goes it go?
If as the Bard has it 'men hold themselves cheap' at not having seen active service, then probably from the year dot.
Perhaps the availability of kit, medals etc on Ebay sites with their anonymous and uncontrolled 'shopping' and online media with lots of film/photos of events such as Rememberance Parades has led to the seeming current explosion in both walts and walthunters.

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