Walther Pistols in UK service

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by shooter3116, Apr 23, 2013.

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  1. Greetings from a 45 year Walther collector ( WWII vet ) in the USA. I recently located a black leather IWB holster marked for the Walther PP with the NATO part nr. 978-2247 dated 07/91. This holster is totally different from the brown leather one issued to the UDR to carry the cal.22 PP in the 60's. I have been told that this black holster was issued to low profile SAS personnel as an alternate to the BHP. I understand that the RAF issued Walther PP in cal 7.65mm, but these were not issued with holsters. The pistol designation was L47A1. Would this have been the same designator for the SAS issue? Any information about the RAF/SAS Walther PP and/or holster would be greatly appreciated.
  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Walthers were only (and still are) issued to fast jet aircrew in the RAF,they are issued with holsters however they are of a shoulder holster design but with a strap that runs from the bottom rear of the holster to the front iirc,and an integral pocket for a second magazine,or of the type in the picture.Walthers were all in 7.65mm.
    The are no other type of holsters for the Walther in use by the RAF that I have seen in my 12 years as an RAF Armourer,most growbags would put the pistol in a pocket on the flightsuit than use the holster tho.
    Standing joke was you'd get more kills throwing the gun at the enemy!

  3. I had a 9mm Walther P5 in Northern Ireland 2001-2004. I wasn't a ninja, just Bde Staff. We carried them when we were travelling in Civis in CMVs to visit units etc. There were leather holsters, but we never bothered with them. The drill was to just tuck it under your thigh so that is was rapidly and easily accessible.

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  4. There where a few P5s kicking about in Londonderry in the mid 90s, they had the brown shoulder holsters and the black pancake holsters. these came in left and right hand draw.

    Most of the time they where only used on runs to Belfast along side a 53 in a bag.
  5. The Walther .22 was replaced by the Walther P5 compact as the PPW for the UDR and then the R IRISH. They came with either a belt clip holster or a shoulder holster both of which were black. I don't know the NSN but if you stick up a picture I could tell if it was the same one.

    PS Please don't say the UDR were being issued PPWs in the 1960's, you will start yet another conspiracy theory amongst the shinners. The UDR were formed in 1970.
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  6. spike 7451, many thanks for your prompt response. Question: The imprint in the holster looks more like a PPK than PP. Comment?
  7. Female police officers in the M.O.D. Police were armed with these weapons in the 1980/early 90s. Male officers were armed with the 9mm pistol, which was deemed to be too big for females. Then along came equality for all and the Walther went out of service.
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    One of the type of holsters used was of that design,that was the closest picture I could find of one.
  9. BedIn, Thanks! Apparently the P5c replaced the .22PP sometime in the 1980's
  10. LEGZ30, Thanks. The black holster I have is only for the PP not P5c.
  11. It's possible it may be Northern Ireland Prison Service or RUC issue. Some prison officers and police (usually, but not exclusively part time police officers) were issued the smaller calibre Walther.
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  12. Royal Military Police (RMP) Close Protection (CP) teams used PPK's.

    Either as:

    1. Back up pistol,
    2. Alternate primary weapon when discretion (smaller bulge) was required,
    3. I was also informed, reliably, on some NATO jobs <cough>Italy<cough> they got funny about bodies from SHAPE going in with a military calibre 9mm so an alternate .380 was used. Also to blend in with Italian CP who wore t-shirts and polo shirts so that a huge browning was not obviously tucked in the pants.
  13. LEGZ30, You are correct, I should have said the .22 PP were issued in the 70's not 60's. The holsters are dated '76 and '77.
  14. We had a fella with us who was part time RUC Reserve who carried a PPK.