Walters Criminal Action

Discussion in 'ACF' started by armadillo, Jul 30, 2006.

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  1. Yes they should face a prison sentence

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  2. Yes they should be massively fined and named and shamed.

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  3. No but can have benefits stopped for a period

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  1. Just a general question it may have been already answered elsewhere I do apologise. In the states they are considering making it a Federal offence to claim military service, honours and awards. It got me thinking that it is despicable to the brave lads and lasses that someone fraudently claims service but is there anything to stop these walts defrauding charitable organisations ie ssafa aff, British Legion. If there is a friendly Member of Parliament viewing this site could you propose a bill against walter mittys.

    Nuff said (it is a serious issue)

  2. How serious an issue is it?

    Are they making anything financially through their pretence?
    Are they harming the reputation of the armed forces - (for the most part they arent convincing enough to be believed)
    Why do you presume that Walts are on benefits?
  3. It would be quite funny for them to be fined and shamed in public.
    I doubt many walts are on benefits. Have you seen how much some of there re-enactment/walting/airsoft kit costs.
    Id say repossesion of all military kit and a public flogging on a large parade ground. Administered by the RSM.
  4. It has become easier to defraud these days, technology has improved false certificates can be scanned, it is easier to identity theft due to resources on the internet. Information is so much easier to gain than ever before. A little bit of research goes a long way. The media has made easier to provide knowledge about the modern armed forces. I am just worried that vulnerable people can be affected by a fraud. Look at the idiot claiming to be a blade who was outed on Breakfast television, before he was outed the soundbites he gave out could have caused harm to serving troops. The British Legion was set up for ex serviceman to meet up and discuss there experiences and through charitable means support ex and serving members and families through hard times. The last thing I want is a dishonest character giving me war stories in the bar, yes he may be found out but by then he will have wasted my time or slurred the good name of the service he was meant to represent. Military service is a honour and privilege wether your experiences were good or bad you still served your country and no one should besmirch that ideal.

    Thank you for your reply

    nuff said Armadillo
  5. What about a variation of the jailing theme? A month in Colly, then obliged to soldier on....
  6. Just one question - what's this doing in the ACF Forum?
  7. Probably due to the recent actions of Slashcunt Harry.
  8. Another question - 'a federal offence'? Will they be arrested by a sheriff then?
  9. This is an excellent thread about a serious problem. In my home town we suffered from a WALT who claimed to be a PO aboard HMS SHEFFIELD when she was sunk in the South Atlantic (Though he claimed to have 'forgot' his service number when quizzed!). Having disappeared for ten years he is now back in town with a completely different 'hero story' and has set himself up as the chairman of a major charitable organisation with responsibilties for fundraising!!!. (The fact he has a criminal record as long as my arm does not seem to be a bar) Both the local plod and the head office of the charitable organisation have adopted the 'rabbit in headlights approach' as to actually tell people ( or , heavens above, front the cnut up) that he is a scrote would seem to be in breach of the Data Protection and Human Rights Act. I have actually gone as far as reporting this to the local press to absolutely no effect.
  10. ACAB,
    You could try speaking to the Charity Commission.

    If this bloke is the Chairman, then he is very likely a trustee. Depends what his record is for..

    Extract from their site:

    You may find there are "local reasons" why people are reluctant to challenge him, or he may just not be doing anything wrong!

  11. Sticky, cheers for the response mate, would he not be required to be subject of a CRB check regardless???.
  12. no CRB checks are normally for the "workers" in charities that deal with vulnerable people, not the trustees/committee who will not usually have direct contact with the clients
  13. Interesting that this thread should just come to a standstill.
    Whats the name of the geezer who claims to have been on the Sheffield ?? I can tell you in minutes if he's a lying twat.
  14. No tw&t...a federal offence would require arrest by a federal agent or a US marshal. Don't try to be clever, it doesn't suit you...
  15. The main service charities check that people have served with the relevant records office or unti, so they are not easy to defraud.

    I have managed to get help for clients of mine from the legion and with other service charities in the past and they have been thourough, but very helpful and polite.