Walter Webbing

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hammy123, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. Now, I have a question and need the advice of fellow ARRSER's, Ive just read a forum about taking rat packs to a festival, now, I do a bit of walking in the lakes and stuff, the odd overnighter for a laugh with my civvy mates, they carry re hydrates - I carry a bottle of whiskey and all that. They turn up like a feckin camping store with berghaus this and Posh gear that, I usually turn up like the poor cousin carrying gear in an old 1988 sports backpack which the wife used for the gym. Now, its getting to the point where I need more space, do I (A) re mortgage the house and buy the nice looking posh walking gear to be like my mates or (B) dig some old kit out of the loft such as old belt kit, mess tins and so on to try and stop looking like a tramp and at least be able to carry all my gear. Would I be a walt to use old gear or would this be deemed as "switched on". Help -
  2. Dig out your old gear Hammy. All this new stuff is all well and good but you can't beat your old stuff to be honest. Why on earth would you want to spend a fortune on kit that you've already got? It's not walting, as you have worn it for real. It's just being sensible in my opinion. Sod what anyone else thinks, you crack on old boy.
  3. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Jesus. Whatever happened to Geordie traditions? Get yourself down the Clock Bar at the back of Eldon Square. Ask for Dekka The Monkey and give him a list of your requirements. Order a pint of Ex and relax for 20 minutes. When Dekka returns with your purchases, hand him £20. Sorted.
  4. Nice one, I am leaving now for the toon! might just catch the chavs doing the walk of shame from whatever bush shelter they kipped in. I will dig me old waterbottle pouches out, mars bars and Bells whiskey fit nicely.
  5. Well said. To draw an analogy, it would be like behaing like an idle brain damaged sponging waster just because you're no longer a squaddy.

    "You can take a man out of the army, but you can't get the fecker out of the bar"
  6. I would hate to get busted at the top of some hill by the Walt Police, or even worse some actual paint balling walts with better webbing and kit than me! they might even ask be the colour of the boat house door in Lothian Brks Detmold - or something and I would be sprung as a Walt posing as an ex Chiefy crewman!

    Edited for mong spelling
  7. You wouldn't happen to be D**** Ham, ex REME per chance??
  8. Get an old bergan instead of that 58 webbing. Do take your old poncho/gas cape, mess tins, waterbottle/mug and plenty of paracord. That motheaten 58 gonk bag will still have some life in it I'm sure! Hexi-Telly is a must.

    I suppose the really retro alternative to the bergan would be some shoulder straps for the old "large" pack but please leave the belt gear at home. ;)

    (I suppose belt and waterbottle only is OK...)
  9. Hammy, I'm off to Brecon for a weeks camping, walking and generally roughing it.

    No shame in taking your old issued kit. Most of my camping stuff is packed in old mast bags. I've got a couple of water jerry cans and a No2 cooker, some cp lighting.

    I'll be wearing issue socks and T-shirts. I will be sleeping in the old sleeping sytem from the mid 90s.

    I wimp out a bit when it comes to boots, I'll have my Karrimor KSBs on and a Karrimor mountain Jacket.

    Mix and match mate, do it on the cheap. Hold your head up high and claim to the world that you are like me, a camping pikey.

    Olive Drab is the new black.
  10. Nought wrong with a bit of issue all the kids these days are walking around in it because its in fashion.
  11. Who's she, does she get her norks out, isn't it wrong to call our chromatically challenged chums black?
  12. have just returned from Snowdonia my self from 3days climbing..well scrambling up a cliff . some of those guys have more gear than a battalion an those silly gaiter things!
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    It bloody well should be. Hellvellen (SP?) looks like an acid flashback since its dotted with Tellytubbies. Closer inspection reveals them to be ramblers in gayly coloured kaguls. Blend in mate. If you blow it so bad you need Mountain Rescue and they cant spot your day-glo kagul, simply scream your bloody head off.
  14. Wise words of wisdom your Grace
  15. Nope, Im ha**y ex 15/19