Walter than fiction!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by convoy_cock, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. Now I don't normally go in for the Walt stuff. It's the most done to death subject on the Army Rumour Service website, but this really troubled me.

    I was out with my brother having a pint the other night and there was this old bloke at the bar with a couple of other coffin dodgers who appeared to be hanging on his every word. He'd clearly been at some sort of reunion as he was massively be-blazered and be-gonged. It was then I heard it.

    Cheeky old cu-nt claimed to have been killed at Imjin.

    I let it go for a couple of minutes. I hadn't seen my brother for a while and didn't want to get into a verbal with a stranger. I then overheard him say,

    "Yeah, the Cromwell I was driving took a direct artillery hit which blew the bug-ger to pieces. They didn't even find my head."

    The two old fogeys he was with were lapping it up, but I promptly put my pint down and confronted him. I asked him the obvious question that, if he'd been killed, how come he was here in the Clarence, enjoying a pint. He wouldn't back down though. He got out a picture of his war grave and everything, said his wife had mourned him for five years before marrying one of his old oppos, and then he put me right back in my box,

    "Right then, you gobby little cu-nt, if i'm not dead, how come my name is on the memorial in Todmorden? Eh! Eh!"

    Obviously i'd got the wrong end of the stick. I apologised profusely and promised to lay flowers, next time I was passing his grave.

    It's been bugging me since, though. He only looked about 30. Has anybody else had any experience of making this sort of mistake, when doubting someone who claims to have been dead for 59 years?
  2. what???? is he one of those who claim past life experiences!!!

    you wanna put those sky ghost hunters on this geezers trail
  3. Put the meths bottle down convoy_cock and take some Aspirin. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go near a keyboard for at least 24 hours or until the pink elephants stop talking to you (whichever is the later).
  4. If he had looked eighty years old I would have agreed with you that his story of being killed in Korea was far-fetched and unlikely. However the fact he appeared no older than the day he professed to have been killed is a clear indicator that he must be telling the truth about having been killed.

    However you were quite right to be suspicious. He could not possibly have been killed in a Cromwell. The tanks on the Imjin were of course Centurions and the two destroyed there were "scuttled" to prevent them falling into Communist hands - after suffering mobility kills. It is therefore likely that he was in fact (checking CWGC records and given the other facts he revealed) L/Cpl Harry Butterman, a chef of the RASC. L/Cpl Butterman was indeed decapitated at Imjin by an exploding baby's head after a pressure cooker malfunction in 1 GLOSTERS BG Tac location.

    Once again, a soldier with no real need to big up his service record goes a-walting. It is a persistent puzzle isn't it? I have written to the CWGC and it is likely that L/Cpl Butterman will not be allowed to leave his war grave on home leave for the foreseeable future although hopefully he will avoid a prosecution in the civil courts.
  5. :D Sounds more of a case that to an outsider, you were just shouting at pigeons in the town square!
  6. I'd rather be dead than live in Todmorden as well
  7. L/Cpl Butterman? Cnut owed me 9 guineas.
  8. If you build it, they will come....
  9. Wow, he had a 1952 edition of Playboy when he was killed at a battle that ended in May 1951? I definitely smell walt.
  10. Pretty sure I met him in Weymouth this weekend, in order to elicit a 15p donation I had to listen to the whole story. And if it is the same L/Cpl Butterman BVSMP, then I'm reasonably confident that he was actually attached to the 7th Royal North Warwickshires, not the Glosters.
  11. Please ignore the above advice. I'm absolutely fascinated by what pink elephants have to say. It's so much more entertaining than the drivel you get from people :twisted:
  12. It came back from the future in the same space-time warp-spasm that transmogrified all the armoured records into making people think that there were Centurions not Cromwells at Imjin ...
  13. Perhaps you had a Stan Ridgway's 'Camouflage' moment.
  14. Why did Butterman have Debbie Reynolds' ankle in his small pack in the first place though?

    I have heard of "trophy" ears but never ankles?
  15. Was that the same space time warp through which we could all clearly see the 8th hussars operating those Centurions at Imjin Crossing...hang on the mists are clearing again...


    It looks like David Rowlands could see them too?