Walter or Sleeper?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Vegetius, Nov 11, 2005.

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  1. This is one of those stories you just couldn't make up.

    According to this in the Times story, this bloke who pretended to be "The Earl of Buckingham" but was using the fake ID of a dead child, might be an East German spy. In other words, a "sleeper" agent inserted by the commies into the decadent West to spring into action come the glorious day.

    When the Cold War ended, so the theory goes, he had nowhere to go so continued living his life as a "sleeper." Apparent there were hundreds of them, it must be true it's in a News International publication.

    Now, maybe I'm missing something here but imagine the East German Intelligence Service Academy. It is the early 1980's.

    Instructor: So, Klaus, your legend is that of an English aristocrat with a title that doesn't exist. You will use a dodgy method of obtaining a false passport made famous in numerous spy novels. Are you ready to serve the Fatherland?

    Spy: Ja mein Instruktor!

    So, nice theory but my money is one the "dodgy walt" explanation.

  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Kick him in the wedding tackle when he least expects it and check the language.

    If he shout "Gott in himmel" then he is an East German sleeper or a fan of Warlord comics.
  3. To be honest until the ELVIS database got fully up to speed across the board it was pretty reliable. I expect that as passports come up for renewal we are going to see a few more like this.
  4. ^ OK, but what about the dodgy aristocratic title?
  5. If you're gonna be a fake somebody why not go the whole hog?
  6. "Buckingham’s former wife, Jody, has had to console her two teenage children, whose nationality status is being reviewed."


    Born here? British

    Born elsewhere? Johnny Foreigner. Can be naturalised at a later date if necessary.

  7. Apparently has a large amount of money and documents in safety deposit in swiss bank.
  8. What's wrong with Warlord comics?
  9. well said FEG, what is wrong with Warlord comics, taught me all military skills reading them!
  10. Wasn't it more along the lines of " Achtung, der Brtitisher schweinhunde!"
  11. He's been here so long that he's started fixating on Page 3...?
  12. HMMM T*Ts :oops: