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Mongoose said:
Love to, but it appears DII says no when I click on wall of shame? :E
It's not just DII. Nothing happens here, either. It appears to be the site.
The wall of shame works for me:


The individuals listed on this forum are those who have falsely claimed to be
Qualified South African Special Forces Operators,
Or who have falsely claimed to have served
in / with / detached to Special Forces.

Individuals who publicly make unsubstantiated
false and defamatory statements regarding Special Forces,
and who present these unsubstantiated false and defamatory statements as fact
will also be listed on this forum.

These individuals are to be found in all walks of life.
From the Board room to the Bar room,
in civilian, military and law-enforcement circles,
in academic and research environments,
in virtually all or any occupations.

They share no common denominator
other than dishonesty.

Such individuals steal the honour of the real Operators,
and they dishonour the name of? Special Forces.

They are a disgrace to themselves and their country.

They prey upon the good intentions of people by falsely and dishonestly
trying to solicit attention, sympathy, unearned respect
or some other aspect of personal gain.

All names placed on this site will remain here
until the South African Special Forces League receives a written apology
from persons who have falsely claimed Qualified Operator status,
or who have publicly made unsubstantiated
false and defamatory statements regarding Special Forces
and presented these as fact.

Once a written apology is received,
the relevant published name will be removed from the Wall of Shame.

If, after having his or her name removed from this page,
an individual is thereafter found to make the same or similar claims or statements again,
the individual's name will be re-published on this Wall of Shame,
and will never be removed.



Mr Gerrie Cronje
From the 'Shepherds Bush Bible Kibbutz' - wherever that may be
Mr Cronje gave an interview to the newspaper 'Die Burger', in which he made false and bogus claims that he had been a Special Forces Operator, and conducted unsavoury activities while being a Special Forces Operator. The article in question gave the following introduction to Mr Cronje's quote:-
'In the 1980's he was a member of the Special Forces; the recces who got their hands full of blood on the Angolan border in the so-called Bush War'.
Mr Cronje then went on to state that:-
' There I killed many people, sometimes just for fun'.
The newspaper then goes on to report that when carrying out these activities he used to reportedly:-
'blindfold and execute 'the enemy'.
Mr Cronje was never at any time a Special Forces Operator in the South African Army. He is a liar, and he brings the name of our Operators and the South African Special Forces into disrepute with his ludicrous and false statements. He dishonours our many colleagues who were killed in action, as well as their families.
As and when a written apology is received from Mr Cronje, we will consider removing his name from the site.

Mr Trevor Nel
From East London
Mr Nel has had interactions with the South African Police Services in respect of several alleged transgressions and transgressions of the law. In several newspaper articles following his most recent arrest, he was reported to be 'a highly trained member of the army's Special Forces' . This was apparently as a result of statements which he made to the police which indicated same.
Mr Nel was never at any time a Special Forces Operator in the South African army - highly trained or otherwise - and is not and has never been associated with Special Forces Operators.
As and when a written apology?is received from Mr Nel, we will consider removing his name from the site.
Mr Jacobus Venter
From East London
Was sentenced to prison in the Grahamstown High Court for murder. During his trial he falsely claimed in the High Court to have been 'a Recce', and as a result it was reported in the Eastern Province press that 'a Recce had been sentenced to prison for murder'.
Mr Venter was never at any time a Special Forces Operator in the South African army,?and is not and has never been associated with Special Forces Operators.
As and when a written apology?is received from Mr Venter, we will consider removing his name from the site.
Mr Hermanus Phillipus Herbst
From Namibia
Murdered 2 people in Namibia, and then falsely claimed (as part of his attempted Diminished Responsibility Defence) in the Namibian Supreme Court in Windhoek to be 'a Recce suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, whose files had been destroyed by Special Forces'.? This defence was supported by his Psychologist.?An expert witness discredited him by producing his real military records, which showed that he had been a National Service infantryman in Potchefstroom. He then dropped his claim of having been 'a Recce', but still maintained that he had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - this time from an 'Unhappy Childhood'. This change in cause of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was again supported by his Psychologist..

Mr Bryan Bennets
From Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Mr Bennets enjoys the rare distinction of being on both our Wall of Shame, and the Hall of Shame of? VeriSeal, (a US Navy SEALs veterans authentication organisation) at the same time.
Whenever Mr Bennets takes a break from?falsely claiming to have been a US Navy SEAL, he then makes?false claims of? having been 'in the South African Commandos' to people in the United States, whereas he has never been remotely associated with us.
As and when a written apology is received from Mr Bennets, we will consider removing his name from the site.
Mr Dave de Wet
Location in South Africa unknown (for now)
This individual saw fit to provide the Magazine 'FHM' with a series of columns, entitled:-
?'Dave de Wet's Sex Challenge - Ex-reccie sharpshooter gives his top shagging tips'.
Not only has Mr de Wet never been a Special Forces Operator, (Recce), he has picked a particularly vulgar and distasteful manner in which to publicly sully the name of our Special Forces, and the memory of our many Brother Operators who have paid the Supreme Sacrifice - not to mention the effect that such a demeaning series of articles has on the families and children of our fallen colleagues.
We very, very strongly suggest to Mr de Wet that he send through a written apology to us extremely rapidly, and that he just as rapidly makes arrangements for a corrective article to appear in the magazine.
Mr Rudolf Barnard
From Pretoria
Mr Barnard recently provided the Magazines 'Huisgenoot' and 'You' with an interview, wherein he related how he had - while temporarily living in the USA - only survived his traumatic experiences at the hands of American Women due to his 'training as a Recce'.
Other than the fact that Mr Barnard has - of course - never been remotely associated with the South African Special Forces, he has now seen fit to associate our name with this very strange complaint.
As Mr Barnard was never a member of our Special Forces - let alone an Operator - and as we are not (as Mr Barnard appears to possibly be) the type of people who would run and complain to Mommy if little girls pulled our hair on the playground at school, we expect Mr Barnard to send through a written apology for his dishonest statements about his association with our Special Forces.
As and when we receive such written apology, we will consider removing his name from the site
Mr Graham Murgatroyd
Currently resident in Tasmania, Australia
This loser scores a full house of 'Super-Recce stories'. Amongst other hair-raising and bloodthirsty exploits, he took part in such heavy and covert operations that 'all his files were destoyed' when he left the Recces, and were 'replaced with false documents which recorded him as an Army Postal Clerk'. Well - at least we now know what he really did in the army. This hero has also (in his dreams) been on so many covert operations in Angola, that he now suffers from (you guessed it) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He relates having being shot through the thigh in an horrific contact, but refuses to show anyone his scar. Of course, his story would not be complete without the obligatory torturing and executing of prisoners - which he apparently did en-masse. He also relates how he was tasked (as a sniper) to shadow and prepare to assasinate former President Mandela. What a disgrace to South Africa this loser is. We hope that the Australian police will interview him in respect of these stories, and hopefully deport him so that he is not able to embarrass our country there anymore with his unacceptable behaviour and ludicrous stories.

Mr Arno BarnardO:p>

Currently Residing in Westdene,ST1:pLACE w:st="on">Bloemfontein

Mr. Barnard is a very well trained and highly specialized 'Operator' who has served in both “5 Recce” and “44 MOF Squad” – according to his CV.? This individual was kind enough to re-name half the courses presented in the SA Special Forces Brigade, and went further to also invent a number – “Mine Operator” & “Small Arms Warfare Close Combat Assault” to name but two….? Not only did Mr. Barnard have the gal to type-up this CV, he went further to distribute it to Iraq, where he was going to “operate” as a sniper on the road between Baghdad and Falluhja.? He was lucky enough to have received a personal letter from the Honorable Minister Terror Lekota giving him “full permission” to work in Iraq.? This free-fall, diver and “combat” specialist got married wearing camouflage fatigues…. this just after he has returned from Fort Brag USA where he completed a “Navy Seal” course.?? Oh-yes – his personal files at Defense Head Quarters “stopped to exist” early in 1993.? Say no more, shame.? We await your apology.



The South African Special Forces League has received written communications regarding the following persons who have reportedly falsely claimed to have been Special Forces Operators / 'Recces' - which they?have never been:-

Mr Robert Guy Ruggier
From Durban

Mr Godfrey Sterley
From Johannesburg

Mr Wynand Myburgh
From Durban

Mr Michael Pearce
From Johannesburg

Mr George Du Plessis
From Heidelburg

Mr Alex Gillan
From Pretoria

Mr CJ van der Merwe
From Durban

Mr Gavin Mcguinness
From Johannesburg

Mr Ben Beukes
From Middelburg

Mr Jonathon Swindon
From Johannesburg
Mr Matthys Johannes De Beer
From Middelburg
Mr Andre Pienaar
From Bloemfontein
Mr Tom Fleetwood
From Mareetsane
Mr Martin Deneyer
Mr Johan Stevens
From?Mossel Bay
Mr Brett Watson
Mr Willem Staphorst
Mr Jacobus Mattheus Bothma
Currently resident in Maputo, Mozambique
Mr Louw Webner
From Pretoria
Mr Norman Starkey
From Pretoria
Mr Charles J. Truter
From Johannesburg
Mr Daniel Struwig
From Pretoria
Mr Nicolaas Kirsten
From Orania
Mr Pieter Jooste
Mr Deon Conradie
Currently resident in Botswana
Mr Nick DuBois
From Pretoria
Mr George Botha
From Pretoria
Mr Tom Saunders
From Broederstroom
Mr Frank Blignaut
From Randfontein
Mr Russell Johnny Schwartz
From Johannesburg
Mr David Varcoe
From Johannesburg
Mr Herman Pretorius
From Pretoria

Wilhelm Jacobus Heyneke
Address unknown
Works on game farms assisting hunters
'Mitch' Albertze
Address unknown
Johan Claassen
From Johannesburg
Works at the Saxon Hotel

As soon as these persons contact us in writing to clarify this matter, we will consider removing their names from the site.
smudge67 said:
This free-fall, diver and “combat” specialist got married wearing camouflage fatigues…. this just after he has returned from Fort Brag USA where he completed a “Navy Seal” course.??

And the bride and the guests thought this was 'normal' behaviour?

Muppets the lot of them.
Also check out - look at their 'Wall of Shame'. I've worked with the guy who runs the organisation/site, he says they put a lot of effort into outing these guys.
Hopefully you have been driven to despair at some stage in the last seven years and taken to a hot bath with a bottle of whiskey and a straight razor.
What's a Walter Mitty?
Walter Mittys...

I thought the thread title was rhyming slang for something else...


Can this be moved somewhere more appropriate, like Mars?
On an equally important note, anyone got a remedy for an itchy ricker during nightshifts?

Mastic and grease covered VDE tools just aren't doing it for me.

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