Walter Mitty

He's apparently getting help for ptsd because of all he saw and did..... Excuses for not being able to hold down a job for more than five minutes is my guess.
Depression can cause low self esteem, some people may need to play the army card to try and improve their self esteem, seemingly doing something different to most people, even a nobhead of a soldier who has served has still done more for their country than many (obviously there are still throbbers aka Mike Golden) and I am sure that pretending to have served may help him, however, it wont cure him.

Also causes Anxiety making it very difficult to hold down a job for some.

Probably best getting him to talk to someone other than Fijian Bob and Mac, Dingerr and Lofty, probably someone with specialist training.

Outing him will not help his self esteem (if this is the cause), he sounds as mad as a box of wasps.

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