Walter Mitty Hunters Club Facebook Group

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Le Chiffre, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. Always good for a laugh. But this now seems to have been taken down.

    Anyone know why?

    Were there some 'legal issues'?
  2. Probably because it was subscribed too by the biggest collection of internet bellends anywhere in the digital world?
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  3. That's exactly the sort of reply, the Walters that are being outed would come out with.

    In fact, it's back,!/pages/The-Walter-Mitty-Hunters-Club-HQ/501261976579581?fref=ts

    Personally speaking, I have nothing to do with this page on Facebook, because membership is open to people from REMF Regiments, ACF, Air Softers & Re-enactors!

    The people they out though, gives me plenty to chuckle about!

    Long may they give us a good giggle!

    & long may the Walter Mitty's be plastered across their pages!
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  4. What, it had more subscribers than arrse? Well every day's a school day. I thought we had the honour of the highest ratio of bellends to bandwidth this side of internetshire.
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  5. Whereas you've got to be a card carrying member of the Parachute Regiment Association to join ARRSE.

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  6. Kyle is right. We do have a lot of bellends on ARRSE. 23up23down is back out to play... With his Para Regt Association MEMBERship card.
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  7. You seem quite familiar with it considering you have nothing to do with it ;-)

    I'm getting on a bit and memory is not what it was, but can't think of a REMF (army) regiment.

    (2 3 Up.... do you know a poster called Chinooks Dad?)
  8. In my mind the hunters are worse than the walts they 'hunt down'. Bunch of simple minded nosey cunts who should leave people to do whatever they want. Its got nothing to do with them and they just look for a reason to be outraged by something. Bunch of cunts in my opinion but then its just my opinion :)
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  9. I want to fúck a walt hunter's wife with a fake VC stapled to my nipple.
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  10. Like the waltenkommando on here then?

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  11. I commented on all this walt hunting tosh in another thread:

    "I hate to break it to you but all this waltenkommando effort is a waste of time.

    95% of the population have absolutely no idea what we really do, and an equal number don't care.
    The indifference and ignorance is staggering and once HERRICK is over that will increase. Sure they buy and wear little wrist bands but thats as far as it goes.
    And all this Military Covenant and supporting service leavers is all balls, they only use it to look good in the media.

    Most civvies don't know what a VC an MC or a Jubilee Medal looks like, how you 'earn' one or indeed the difference between them. A possibly nor should they.

    So you can rage about people playing dress up all you like, but the only people who care are you.

    I spend most of my time now playing down my military background as it hasn't done me any favours. Indeed the only person to express any postive intrest in the past 6 months was the guy who came to quote me for a new boiler today, when he spotted my commissioning certificate on the wall.
    (All other Military pics have been banished to the loft).
    Move on, don't look back."

    That is all.

    Edited to add: There is something a bit weird about that Facebook page.
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  12. They probably think the same about you!

    Have you done a bit of walting & are worried about getting caught out?
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  13. No I don't know chinooks Dad.......Do you?

    So in your mind, the Really Large Corps & the AGC are front line troops?
    Dream on pal!
  14. Who's sucking who's cock here!