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Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by brettarider, Nov 12, 2012.

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  1. I pass this place on a regular basis on the way to the O/H's house, There's a little bit posted about it here Canadian Forces ROTC sign near Kilwinning - SeSco reading the thread it starts out claiming it's a private cadet unit to someone which I'd suspect to be the person who's property it is claiming it was a JLR unit sanctioned by the MoD on the last page. Now that would be a number first's including the smallest Ph1 training facilities and a dual service Ph1 training unit.

    So if it was as claimed a JLR unit how was recruitment to this secret unit orginized via the favoured wink and nose tap that walkts use may be like a masonic handshake?

    Anyway he's got new signs up anyone know what the naval crest is?

    417078_10151236231808685_108003308_n.jpg 533789_10151236243838685_313311852_n.jpg 378381_10151236236548685_1201685202_n.jpg


    Link showing the farm where the track goes
    55.669278,-4.68547 - Google Maps
  2. I know that the Space Cadets have a unit known as SATT....basically their version of a Cadet type SASC
  3. Small Arms Training Team dont know the badge though
  4. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Your sat picture shows a structure built on top of an old railway bridge and what might be a couple of olive green vehicles. Is it a pipe range? Sea Cadets and all that?

    The naval crest appears to say 'Obses sum mare' - Hostage to the sea (or thereabouts) and has '33' on it. The red dragon is a bit Welsh, like the RWF flash. Or Wessex, like a Griffin. Or even a Scottish one! Can't make out the top word, which may be a name or an abbreviation.
  5. The Red signs are officially recognised for MoD units so am just wondering if its a Defence Support Unit. There is a military community in Kilwinning according to Google

    Further to my last - there is also Kilwinning Academy which may well have a Cadet Force Unit embedded !
  6. HS, If you read the thread I linked the signs are fake font is different from standard one officially used. I've also never seen a cadet unit stuck out in the middle of the countryside either and as far as I'm aware there is a few cadet units near by but none in Kilwining also why would you use a sign belongings to another nations forces and not our own? There's also the claim it was a private cadet unit then suddenly a training unit? BL local sea cadets use a TA center near by so not them.
  7. It looks like a certain Baron or his Scottish counterparts gaff to be honest. The mention in yer Secret Scotland link about "airborne marines" sounds really warry tho. Are there any burnt out castles nearby?
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  8. Nope the school doesnt have a cadet unit both army cadet units in Irvine and Saltcoats, ATC in Irvine and Ardrossan and Sea cadets in Irvine and Ardrossan plus if a bona-fide unit you'd expect to see a sign telling when open etc not trying to scare people away
  9. Did anyone read the posts on the other site?

    All is made clear there by a serving member of the armed forces.

    In brief, ROTC is Regular Officer Training Corps, a non affiliated cadet group who are there to train kids. Nothing sinister, military, Canadian or otherwise.
  10. I did, up to a point, but as they seemed to be a bunch of blokes with little real knowledge about the military, a fairly loose grasp on reality, and a penchant for foil-lined headgear, I stopped. (But not before I'd clocked Spec Ops Captains pics of his privately owned Civil Defence Landies.)

    It kind of reminded me of some other site, I think.
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  11. Reality. You are wrong on all counts. TheDSU trains no-one on anything, you are on a route to nowhere for whatever reason you have for enquiring. They simply specialize in marine salvage, technical diving using Nitrox, mixed gases and Re-Breathers, and have a history of contracting to the defense industry going back well beyond 1984. As the saying goes “ Old women can magic up a mystery behind every word if they dream of them hard enough". And if you want to know about a real Walt as in Specopcaptain of the “Civil Defense” Ican assure you he has been thoroughly checked out and what has materialized would make you die laughing.
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