Walter mitty CSM in the cadets

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Let the Mocking begin :twisted:
A Statement from Jim McAuley CSM Lancashire ACF

1) iam so sorry for offending the good men of 2 para and I acknowledge the sacrifice they made I have even been involved with organising the remembrance parade last year in my home town. I am truly sorry for offending you

2) i have never been in the gulf war i have never been in sierra leonne i have never been a member of the special force and i have never took part in any under cover operation i have never took part in any action once again i apologise to all concerned

3) I was a member of the Army Catering Corps attached to 15 para. I have never earned the right to wear Military Parachute Wings both UK and US and will remove them from my uniform. again I am so sorry for any offence. I am a Walter Mitty.

CSM J McAuley

This is what he walted about.

Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2008 08:34:01 +0000

Good morning, it seems that you do not wish to join the website & club that you were invited to join as of yesterday.

That is of no little surprise though, you have never been a member of the British Airborne Forces have you.

You have placed a picture on facebook of a member of The Parachute Regiment, leading the many females you converse with to believe that it is you, when in fact it is a picture of a very good friend of mine.

You have been in conversation with a lady on facebook & during those conversations you have told her of the following:

1 That you were a member of a TA Parachute Battalion for 15 years.

2 That you were a Private Soldier in 2 Para at Goose Green.

3 That you were in the first Gulf War & that you "took out" 2 enemy machine gun emplacements.

4 That you were a member of the SAS & was the second man onto the balcony during the Iranian Embassy siege.

5 That you were involved in the rescue of captured Irish Rangers in Sierra Leonne.

6 That you have done a couple of tours of N. Ireland.

7 That you have carried out under cover work.

8 That you have killed over 100 men during the above actions.

We who have been involved in a lot of those actions listed above take a very dim view of people like yourself who try to live of the glory of these actions, especially given that we have lost many good comrades who were involved in them, in one of your conversations you mention that your best mate Thomas Mechan (R.I.P.) was killed at Goose Green, Tam Meechan was once a Soldier in MY Platoon, you can guess how dim a view I am now taking of you.

Your conversations with the young lady on Facebook telling her of all the above actions and how you watch female cadets are all saved on 5 members PC's, those conversations chronicle your desire to receive photos of her, that is just one lady, we see there are many ladies you have as "friends" in your Facebook contacts.

At first when the photos (the ones I have attached) & transcript of your conversations on facebook with the lady appeared on our site you were deemed as a rather sad individual, then there was a lot of laughter, this then turned to anger as your ridiculous claims infolded.

In a couple of the photos you appear in No.2 Uniform wearing American Parachute wings & two medals, did you earn them or buy them on ebay or a market stall somewhere? Foreign wings are not worn on British No.2 dress, as it is also an offence to wear medals that you have not been awarded.

Once it became apparent that you also claim to be a Cadet Force instructor, our members & myself realised that if this was indeed true that we have a duty to inform the relevant authorities of that fine organisation of what kind of a man they have in their ranks, & the parents of those Cadets also have the right to know.

Your details are as follows, Mr Jim McAuley a CSM of the Lancashire ACF

I think under the circumstances that you should do the following remove yourself from Faceboook immediately, resign from the Cadet Force immediately.

Destroy the No 2 uniform you take such delight in wearing along with the medals & American wings

Tell your two Lifeguard imposter friends to stop dressing up in their ridiculous uniforms.

This email has been distributed to the following;

Regimental HQ The Parachute Regiment.

The SAS Association.

The Lifeguards Association.

All British Airborne websites.

The Lancashire Cadet Force.

The ARRSE website

I will expect to receive an email from you by 1900 hrs Tue 8 April 2008 that you have complied with the above demands, if not a copy of the email will also be distributed to all National newspapers & your hometown of Chorleys newspaper.

It is our experience that people such as yourself (we term them as Walter Mitties) once caught out tend to lay low for a while then surface somewhere else, we will be watching of that have no doubt.

One of the Ladies you were conversing with, deatiling your fabricated war experiences to was not a lady at all, but a member of our website, you a Walter Mitty were caught out by another one, how ironic is that
Unable to get onto those links you posted, perhaps he has complied with your demands? Fcuk it 'bubble' him to the papers anyway sad walt cnut
f*cking bang on mate ! A tremendous example of walt finding ! Need to see this guys picture if its the last thing I do !!
'The content has been removed' Damn and blast :(
4 That you were a member of the SAS & was the second man onto the balcony during the Iranian Embassy siege.
My bold.Can someone please tell me how big this fecking balcony was!?!

The amount of Walts claiming to be on it as 'second man' would mean it would have to be a similar size to Suffolk!
CRmeansCeilingReached said:
is a cadets CSM a cadet appointment or an adult instructor or what?
Each ACF coy will have a Cdt and adult CSM. The cadet is merely a very senoir cadet who will have shone throughout their time in the organisation and probably done lots of courses. The adult CSM is an SMI who will carry out many similar duties of his regular/TA counterparts, albeit on a far smaller scale. Also an SMI wears the badge of a WO1/2 but is certainly not a Warrant Officer as they hold no Royal Warrant.
Good drills that man!

Not only a uber-walt, but apparently a pervert too.

At least he has done some good - organised a remembrance parade. No doubt he led it, from the front, in rig, on horseback etc.

Love to be a fly on the wall when the ACF get hold of him!
I'm sorry to say that, looking at that picture, this does all ring true.

He does appear to be dressed as an SMI of the ACF (can't see his badges but bronze collar dogs would be right for Para wouldn't they?), although I understand he should be wearing an Officer's shirt and tie.

His medals appear to be the Cadet Forces Medal and the QGJM which, although mounted in the wrong order, are believable for this rank. The badge over the right pocket does appear to be septic wings but my eyes ain't good enough to be sure. He does appear to be wearing (what I think are) ACF shoulder titles.

His companions aren't dressed as Lifeguards. Their kit looks like one of the other Dragoon Regiments (I don't know enough to tell which). There are units badged to Dragoons in LACF so it's quite possible that the kit is being worn legitimately. The fact that it's pretty poorly fitted would suggest they are ACF personnel too (wearing pool kit).

However, if this chap has been asking female cadets for pictures, I don't care if he's dressed as a Starship Trooper. This is wrong and a serious breach of ACF terms of service. If someone could let me have some concrete evidence of this, I will make sure it goes to the right authority to get this dangerous character removed.
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