Walter - epetition response

This really does show that the tw@ts in power have no idea or the depth of feeling that servicemen have:

We received a petition asking:

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Make illegal the unauthorised wearing of any Campaign Medals, decorations and regimental insignia, or to falsely represent themselves as a serving/former member of any British Military Unit."

Details of Petition:

"This petition request is in response to the increasing number of individuals who attend commemoration services portraying themselves as veterans of various wars/campaigns and military units. These individuals wear regimental insignia and display unearned awards, which were never presented to them. Such people denigrate the memory of the fallen of these wars/campaigns, and cause great distress to surviving family members of those who fought, and in many cases died, in these theatres. They also cause great anger and anxiety among the survivors."

Government's response
The Government fully understands the distress that may be caused to Armed Forces personnel, veterans and their families when individuals who have not served in the military wear medals and insignia to which they are not entitled. This is particularly unacceptable if the unauthorised wearing of such items is to misrepresent or defraud with intent to gain, whether this be sympathy, false camaraderie or even financial gain. However, such instances are rare.

There are instances where it has become acceptable for people to wear medals which they personally have not been presented with. For example, it has become custom and practice for widows to wear their late husband's military medals at commemorative events.

It would not be desirable or practical to make the wearing of such items illegal. Far better that the appropriate authorities deal with those found guilty of attempting to defraud by the inappropriate use of medals or military regalia, rather than through the introduction of blanket legislation which could not, in any practical way, be policed.
Now let me see, don't the US & Australia amongst others, deal with this in desirable or practical way, by making the wearing of such items illegal through the introduction of blanket legislation, plus they appear to police it quite well.
these epetitions are a bag of sh1te. Ive signed on loads, with tens of thousands of signatures, for all kinds of purposes, and every one gets fekked off by HMG with a pizzweak response saying 'ooohh, we cant do that it costs too much or its too hard to enforce'

tripe. HMG just use these petitions so people think that the gov actually listen or give a fek about ordinary people, with no intention of actually doing anything about them

i think we should start a epetition to get the government to take epetiotions seriously "we the undersigned request that HMG get off its arrse and actually take notice of what people who sign epetitions want and do something about it"

cease rant, apply safety, unload,

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