Walter - epetition response

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pox_Dr, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. This really does show that the tw@ts in power have no idea or the depth of feeling that servicemen have:

    Government's response
    Now let me see, don't the US & Australia amongst others, deal with this in desirable or practical way, by making the wearing of such items illegal through the introduction of blanket legislation, plus they appear to police it quite well.
  2. This Gov makes me p*ss.They can blanket ban everything else though.Fox hunting,Guns,Knives etc etc.
  3. Costs money to police.

    No votes in it.


    Government not intrested
  4. these epetitions are a bag of sh1te. Ive signed on loads, with tens of thousands of signatures, for all kinds of purposes, and every one gets fekked off by HMG with a pizzweak response saying 'ooohh, we cant do that it costs too much or its too hard to enforce'

    tripe. HMG just use these petitions so people think that the gov actually listen or give a fek about ordinary people, with no intention of actually doing anything about them

    i think we should start a epetition to get the government to take epetiotions seriously "we the undersigned request that HMG get off its arrse and actually take notice of what people who sign epetitions want and do something about it"

    cease rant, apply safety, unload,