Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by rwswilson, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. Hi all, fresh on here, advised of its existence from a BAOR FB group due to my relentless attacks on walts, including the wilingness to delve into the depths of my knowledge bank and the internet to investigate their medals (if its medals they're walting about)

    So...anyone wanting a potential researcher on this subject let me know. Other than that looking forward to the banter, hope its as good as the BAOR FB one mentioned earlier

    RWSW (ex REME 1986-94)
  2. Fuck off journo walt
  3. ROTFLMAO.....if only you knew.....CAAAANT
  4. Whats a CAAAAAAANT, surely you mean CAAAAN'T? Though I admit that wouldn't make sense.

  5. soz, I was rolling around too much when I said it!
  6. Request denied. The Waltenkommando is not a direct entry organisation. It only recruits from time served members of a military themed websites, who have proven themselves by displaying excellent knowledge of many things that even regulars in all three services couldn't be arsed to know about. If you find yourself in an Afghan pb and your most pressing thought is the correct way to display your jubilee medal then the Waltenkommando is for you.

    NB: Many potential Waltenkommando kadets fail by ND'ing with accusations of waltery. Many have actually succumbed to injury due to richochets because of that.
    Your best course of action would be to furiously study just one minor aspect of something military - the diameter of an RN Nos 1 silk loop for example. Establish an online persona and harvest information whilst "treading water". Eventually, if you scrutinise enough, a picture will appear somewhere of someone falling fould of whatever it was you chose as your specialist subject. Then is the time to pounce and nail the bastard. slowly slowly etc...

    I'll never forget my first "catch". i'd waited fucking ages, googling for nights on end my chosen subject (RAF issue shoe laces 1976-1987). Then I caught the brazen walting bastard -Pictured in the Sun as a gulf war hero, with a picture inset of him joining up in 1985. I knew something was amiss straightaway - he was wearing Mk6 laces in his plastic bats - he must have joined after '87!! The seniority walting crabfat bastard - I fuckin shit 'em...
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  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    And, welcome to the mad house! ;-)
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  8. it would be easier passing selection for THEM
  9. Knowing the colour of the boathouse just won't cut it. What's the alkaline content of the soil on Penn y fan?
  10. I'll never know,cos I was never on THAT balcony
  11. waltenkommando walt.
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  12. MK6 were post 88 weren't they?
  13. I'm glad you offered. We, on this site, know so little about medals & who is entitled to wear them.
    We struggle to know who was second on the balcony, can you help us with that one?
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  14. pH6
  15. Aha!!!!

    Chemistry walt!
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