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Stumbled across this guy on facebook. My waltdar started beeping when he had Major as part of his name on there!

Take a look at his profile. Mod edit

Whilst delving deeper I saw a T shirt with 22 RRATF on it. Confused? Well be confused no longer and check out their website! Welcome -

Is there help out there for these people?


Whether it's considered laughable or not, this chap has every right not to have his profile plastered around ARRSE for the amusement of others.
FFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a look through his pictures, number 13 sums it up

"Tonight Matthew, I am going to be a complete twat"
Just another airsofter.
Is it wrong that I think it looks actually like a laugh?

Yes I'd have to wear ear plugs to stop me punching Fat Keith from accounts in the throat when he's banging on about about flanks and covering fire but it would be worth a giggle.

I feel dirty now.
According to the website, Airsoft is a little known armed service of the MoD, where specially selected members are trained in amphibious and moutain skills to assist throughout the world where there is an uprising of rebellious, plastic bb firing, militants that need neutralising.
Or so is my understanding....
did those loons from stirling airsoft ever get into poo over the helicopter stunts?
flash pointed out leaning out of civi helicopters with toys guns is rather frowned upon:)
which would be a way to spend an entertaining afternoon reliving your childhood.
if not for the frankly wierdo's who want to dress up like "special forces" in exact detail.and spend more money than hereford could possibly afford.
There was a small period of time at Bordon where a few of the lads wound up getting some airsoft guns and started block wars in the evening, it was soon put to an end.
mind you a certain TA platoon on a telic inflicted more injuries on themselves with airsoft weapons than from hostile action :(
Thats funny, Brighton. I received a point blank BB injury on Op TELIC 2. I was ambushed whilst innocently strolling around the accommodation without arming myself with a plastic AK47 or displaying a makeshift white flag.
Reveal your identity so I can exact revenge!
I saw his post on one of my friends statuses and decided to delve deeper when seeing that his name had Major at the front and he looked about 21. Next question?
I like that the guy on his web site photos actually got dressed in to deserts and put a Marine beret and then went to the hospital for the birth of his child. What a winner.
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