Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FiveAlpha, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. Did you lay off the antabuse tablets for the day?

    PS the tat on your left arm is shite. Oh, you look like you've got Downs syndrome too.
  2. Knocked em on the head for the week actually and yes, gash tatt on left arm I totally agree. We have obviously met then so humbly withdraw comment about your service and apologise! Were we in the beer tent when we met and yes, by that stage I prob looked fairly downslike! If you're who I THINK you are I was proably sliding off the nob scale when we met.

    Give me a clue!! PM me if better
  3. I mean, get back if you want to...........
  4. Call me 5A. youve got my number (home). People here think you're a bit of an internet bully so prove them wrong and talk to me. I'd like to think that someone like yourself, passing thelsemvs off as airborne, has got the spanners for a one on one. So call me......

    ....or might you get sussed?
  5. Why would I possibly have your home number? By the way how were you a para reg officer at 15 yrs of age?

    Curious of Colchester.
  6. Er.....check PMs and 15? WTF are you talking about, you may have me confused witrh some one else.............................??????????
  7. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Some beautiful baiting and biting, Lovely.

    Chinooksdad, I think the point Fivealpha is making is as follows.

    Aparently members of the 1 Para officers mess don't remember you. I know Para Regt maths is a bit out, but 88-95 is seven years and not 15, we know Int Corps was also mentioned, but no one there seems to recall you either

    Your commissioning doesn't seem to be gazetted either.

    Nobody is questioning whether you were Para Regt, and noones cares if you were just a tom and lording it & gobbing off, just don't take your audience for cnuts.

    If I am wrong, I will of course apologise and place £100 pounds in crispy notes in the H4H pot, as I will if you can point me towards your commissioning date into the Parachute Regiment.
  8. This...

    Coupled with...

    Would make you 15 or possibly 16, birthday dependant. Not doubting you as I'll take into account an alcohol induced fog, but my old school mate ex junior para 1986-1987 Pirbright and 1 PARA 1987 - 1994 doesn't know you from adam.

    Puzzled of Peckham.
  9. CD was not para Reg officer, but was in another Regiment.
  10. See my last post.
  11. So let me get this straight:

    chinooks_dad claims at some point to be around 36 years of age and commissioned into 1 Para around 1988 when he would have been 15 years old, yet no-one remembers this prodigiously young YO. There may be some confusion as to whether he meant he was commissioned into 1 Para or subsequently the Int Corps where no-one remembers him and no-one of that name was Gazetted in the period in question. The fact that he served in the Paras is no under question, only whether it was as a brat or a YO.

    tattybadger seems to be talking to himself as his on-line alter-ego billybongo.

    JonnyJonny has an O2 Thief tag and doesn't like either tattybadger or 5A. I wonder what he got the Tag for? Probably not for being grown up, I wager.

    Please do carry on and don't mind the rest of us, we're just here for the show.
  12. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)


    Still not gazetted, claims to be Para Regt officer but wasn't

    Bit naughty
  13. GOD!! I thought we had all this out on the otther thread, apparentyl I'm even walting about my age now. Like I said, call me if you have issues, my number is in your PMs. And where does this 15 come from? You love your cut and paste so cut and paste where I said I was a 15yo officer.

    OR shut the feck up.
  14. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    All gained from the information you posted. You said you were an officer in 1 Para from 88 - 95

    No one is saying you weren't in the Parachute regiment, it is doubted that you were an officer as claimed.

    Its not hard, where you a Para Regt officer?

    No need to call, no need for PMs
  15. [​IMG]

    Now now your Honour!